Casserly comment last night on draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dbair1967, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. dbair1967

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    Was watching NFLN, they were asking him how big a drop off there was from first round to second round and he said huge.

    I cant recall exactly how he worded it afterward, but he said something like "this is the worst draft I have seen in a decade or more"

    The somewhat fortunate thing for us is the positions we need the most help (OL, DL) are pretty decent.
  2. Chocolate Lab

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    Good, because I agree with him. Looks to me like there are just very few can't-miss guys, and a lot of average-looking players slated to go pretty high.
  3. chip_gilkey

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    It does seem as though there are going to be a few good OL and DL prospects around at our 40 pick.
  4. InmanRoshi

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    More than the problem at the top, the problem is in the mid rounds. I think its a horrendous draft for the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds. Guys like Will Rackley and Edmund Gates would be 5th round small school projects in a good draft, and they're going to go in the 2nd round this year.

    That's why I'm not entirely enamored with trading back just for the sake of trading back, because all those mid round picks look like training camp fodder to me. Generally I'm for just taking the guy you want at #9, and be happy you came away with one of the few impact players in the draft.
  5. Duane

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    Exactly. Trading down and collecting a bunch of mediocre mid round talent doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
  6. speedkilz88

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    I think Gosselin said that it was three rounds deep on OL/DL and RBs are deep throughout the draft. With all the juniors that came out I think it's a lot deeper than Casserly thinks.
  7. Hoofbite

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    Seems like every year someone says something like this.
  8. dbair1967

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    I kinda agree with him. Its also why I wont be surprised if we stay at 9 or slip down just a few spots, then move up from 40 back into the first round giving us two 1sts.

    I think this is def a draft they should look for quality over quantity. They could easily get starters at OL and DL with those first two picks. Or maybe two OL starters.
  9. dbair1967

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    Usually its the opposite. You have fans crowing left and right about "this is the most awesome draft ever and we didnt play our cards right in getting extra picks like New England!!!!"

    And I agree with Casserly, I dont think this is a particularly talented draft, nor do I think its a deep draft.
  10. TheCount

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    I disagree about how large the drop off is.

    There are simply some positions where we are used to see 3 or 4 standouts that are struggling to field 1 or 2 stand out guy, safety, ILB, WR, QB and RB for example.

    That doesn't mean the drop-off is huge, it means the entire draft is sketchy.

    That being said, this is one of the deepest DT and DE classes in some time, and while there may not be that elite QB, there are a number of guys that could have productive NFL careers that are slated to go in the 2nd round, like my boy Christian Ponder.
  11. Hostile

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    No kidding, and there is always panic in the streets.
  12. Joe Realist

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    There is a reason why folks like Casserly and Mike Lombardi no longer make personnel decisions.
  13. visionary

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    the draft is sketchy but is deep

    no need to panic, there are plenty of good options on OG/DL in rounds 2 and 3
  14. InmanRoshi

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    Actually Goose said it's a awful year for interior offensive linemen. After the 2nd round, there's barely anyone even worth drafting.
  15. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    but there are good options at the top of #2
    and rackley will likely go late 2, early 3
  16. morasp

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    Mayock also said it was a terrible draft class. Billick said there are only three blue chip players, usually you see 7 or 8. Blue chip being 100% clean on or off the field with no questions about his desire or ability.
  17. Chuck 54

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    If you compare the draft grades given to guys last year versus this year, this is a better draft than last year, deeper, in my opinion. The falloff happens around 10 instead of 7, and there are lots of players rated in the 9-10 range.

    I think we'll do fine in the draft.

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