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    There have been some rumblings certainly on here and in other big market areas that the CBA should be scrapped almost entirely and teams should be able to spend what they like. The issue becomes the loss of apparent "parity".

    Even the suggestion of parity enables the average fan to have hope each season. This hope encourages us to purchase merchandise, TV packages and most importantly season tickets. The most important thing is full stadiums and interested fans.

    In the UK, the main soccer league, The Premier League, we have 4 teams known as the top4. Finishing in the top 4 enables access to the lucrative European Champions League, more revenue from TV and more games means more money to spend on players which mean the best teams get better and those that don't make it get worse.

    This would happen in the NFL, a team who doesn't make the playoffs year after year only has 8 home games to make an impact on a fan base who will quickly become disillusioned with a poor team. Suddenly the team can't afford to sign draft picks and can't improve the team getting worse each year as they lose what good players they have drafted previously.

    So to keep the parity I feel a CBA with the following would significantly improve on the previous agreement.

    1) Rookie salary cap each position in the draft is nominated a signing bonus and salary band in which negotiations can be held. These would allow for reduced wages for players who have not played a down in the NFL. i.e. pick 32 is allocated a signing bonus band of $2 - $5 million and a salary band of $500k - $1.5 million (numbers for demo only)

    2) Salary Cap to remain and be set for 5 years before being reassessed. There is no need for it to be increased year on year as all this does is encourage players and agents to push the boundaries of what is reasonable (not a word that should really be used when talking about NFL contracts, I know)

    3) Salary Cap exemption for signing bonuses for draft picks. The only change I would make is to encourage the development of a team through the draft by not including signing bonuses for extending drafted players. For example when we sign Austin to a long term contract he will get a certain amount of guaranteed money I am proposing that this is not counted against the cap. Suddenly it becomes really difficult to buy a championship because if you don't draft well you can't just go out and sign which ever free agent you like. Signing bonuses would still count against the cap as now for free agents.

    4) Team budget minimum set equal for all teams, there is then a commitment for a franchise to reach this level i.e. the Browns selling the naming rights to the stadium to achieve this level. If a franchise is seen to be doing all they can to achieve this minimum but not reaching revenue sharing begins but only to this team from all teams achieving the minimum budget. Obviously this would need to ensure that revenue sharing doesn't then push a team below the set level. I think that this would allow teams to operate in any area but force them to explore all options for revenue making.

    What do you think? What are your hopes for the new agreement?
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    This is whaere I think the NFL itself could help.

    Find out what side deals in stadium and out each team has.
    Not let any other team approch that company to sell more to them.
    Approch other companies - local to that NFL team - to show them what extras they can get from using NFL team licenses and advertising rights to....whatever.

    This way the teams would have an idea of what to go after.

    Some are clueless.
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    Do away with FA and the cap both

    Give vets a bigger cut on the pie and have owners add more to the benefits for players once they retire

    Not going to happen but I can dream.
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    Soft cap luxury tax system.

    A team cannot be in the lowest 5 salaries for 3 consecutive seasons.

    Each franchise must make a concerted effort to sell the naming rights to the stadium. The amount of those rights contributing to the collective revenue is the average of the lowest 1/3 of the aforementioned sold rights, on a per annum basis. Richer franchises should not be penalized for being popular, and the NFL isn't a **** socialist business to support the lower tier teams. A team who cannot sell their naming rights will contribute to the CBA in the same monetary amounts as all other teams. Sucks to be you Buffalo and Jaxonvil.

    Rookie salary cap.

    Paid officials, full time job is officiating. Add in two-3 additional officials. Not sure if this would affect the CBA, but the money is coming from somewhere.

    Change the franchise tag to a two year contract term with the second year voidable by the player.

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