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    I am not much of a College fan so my knowledge of the top prospects is usually pretty thin. I spend most of the off season reading up on prospects.

    Can someone with a bit more knowledge than myself list the top 3-4 available C's in this coming draft. Also, could you add what round they are projected to go in.

  2. Hiero

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    the guy I like Kyle Young is 320 lbs from Fresno St. I get to watch their games here and he is the big physical center we need. Not sure what rd. he will go in as he is kind of a small school prospect but I hope he falls to us late.
  3. Nors

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    Decent C class

    Might get a starter late 2 to 4th round

    Degory - 6-5 310
    Eslinger - 6-3 285
    Mangold - 6-4 290
    Young - 6-6 320
    Spitz 6-4 310

    Sleeper - Castillo 6-2 305 FSU - Savy, leader off injury
  4. Portland Fanatic

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    IMO we need an FA at center...we will most likely be drafting an OT...hopefully will start, and a future OG to replace LA.
  5. Nors

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    I'm not sure we bring another Rookie T in.... Maybe a FA Tackle.
  6. Canadian BoyzFan

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    My perfect world for our O-line, well a good start anyway.

    FA singing-Hutchinson
    Round 1 -Marcus McNeil
    Round 3 -Best avail Center

    Flo-Hutch-Rookie C-Rivera or possibly Tucker (yuck on both)-McNeil
    I believe LA is released.
  7. junk

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    The bad thing is that outside of Bentley and Hutchinson (who are likely not going anywhere), the FA OL candidates are just lousy this year.
  8. Cogan

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    I know I'm biased being a Buckeye fan, but Nick Mangold is one solid Center. Many in the OSU organization put him on the same level as LeCharles Bentley. He is strong, intelligent, and gets great angles on DTs. He loves to play smash-mouth, and gets to the next level quickly. Another thing I like about him is that, at 6'-4", he still has the frame to add another 20 lbs. At 6'-4", 310, he could handle just about any Dlineman in the NFL, once he learns the nuances of playing in the bigs. He's a solid 3rd rd. pick.

    I think too many people worry about the size of a Center. One of the best OCs we ever had was Mark Stepnopski, & he never weighed over 275 lbs. What he could do was anticipate & get the jump, and use the other guy's weight and momentum to take him out of the play. I see a lot of that in Mangold.
  9. ghst187

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    Mangold is still a little light but yes, IMO probably the best coming out. I still think we need a FA that can come in a start like Bentley. Yes Step was our best C but remember, DLs were as massive as they are getting nowadays. Back then, we were some of the first to have our starting OL average over 300 pounds. Step drug our average weight down about 10 pounds. Can't get by like that anymore unless you run a blocking scheme like the Broncos, if you're building for power, we have to have someone who will maul and overpower people...someone BIG.
    Bentley isn't the only FA C out there, isn't the Packers C a FA? I know there's one more bigger name C that's a FA this year, I just can't remember who it is. If we don't get a FA C, I think we have to bring in some competition for AJ via day 1 draft pick. Mangold would be a great pick if he lasts til the 3rd but I'm not sure he does. Most of the college C's however are too light for what we need IMO.

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