CenturyLink Is Horrible

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hoofbite, Jun 7, 2013.

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    I thought that my grievances with Comcast Xfinity were bad but CenturyLink is hands down the worst company I've ever had to call for service.

    I just moved and CenturyLink is the only option. I called last Saturday and the lady told me that it would be Wednesday. There was nothing they could do to get the service turned on sooner than that because they have to give the system time to process the request. First off, any system that needs 72 hours to process a request has the computing power of a TI-83 calculator.

    I told the lady I was going to buy a modem hoping that all she had to do was click a button and activate the line. Nothing. So I wait.

    Wednesday rolls around and I call to get my PPP username and stuff. My previous DSL services all required you have it so I call and the guy tells me my service hasn't been activated and the technician install is set for Friday. Of course I'm pissed, I've been using a tethering app all week and while it works well to do most stuff, you can't really do much of anything that involves video.

    I asked why I was told Wednesday and he says that he doesn't know but I have to wait for the tech to install the modem. I tell the guy I have a modem and he says, "you have a modem? What kind"? After telling him what kind of modem he says, "call this number first thing in the morning and have them cancel the dispatch and see if they can work in just a line activation. You should be set to go for tomorrow (Thursday)". I call and the guy who answers says theres no way to do any of that and that I have to wait. This guy has the nerve to basically accuse me of lying and says that my install was set for Friday from the day that I ordered.

    He says that this information is in the activation email. I read the email while I'm on the phone, no such information........"oh, sorry about that. Usually it's on there. Anyway, you still have to wait until Friday and we need you to be at the house for a scheduled install sometime between 8AM and 4:30PM".

    Now, I'm pissed. You just expect me to sit by the door and wait for your technician on a day's notice? Who the hell can even do such a thing with work? I tell this guy, "look, I have a modem and just need the damn wire connected at the junction box......or whatever you have to do. I can't be there, just send someone out". Here goes round 2 with the "you already have a modem"?

    This morning I get a call fromt he tech at like 7:30 and explain to him the situation. "No problem, I just need a few minutes at the service box and your internet will be on when you get home".

    Get home. Set everything up and it doesn't work. Call tech support and this clown walks me through the troubleshooting steps that have to be intended to guide a house cat through the install process. "Are you sure you have your wires plugged in"? After battling with this guy for a while he tells me that the only way to get it working is to set up a technician visit to check the lines outside. This apparently can only happen on Tuesday and he says I need someone to be there.

    This is just insane. A week and a half just to get service up and running? How is that possible?

    CenturyLink is easily the most inept company I have had to deal with in a long time. If Comcast hasn't disconnected the line you can get same day service. These guys treat each technician visit like a shuttle launch that requires massive amounts of planning just to get someone out to your house.

    I also don't think it's coincidence that the people who set up your order are native English speakers while all the technicians are clearly English Second Language folks. They want to make sure your order is taken with as much clarity as possible but once they get you committed, they don't care if you have to spend minutes spelling out your name to someone who's probably been speaking English for about 3 weeks.
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    I never heard of them,sounds like a start up company.Sorry you are going through that.
    How did they wrangle "only service provider" in that area ? Were they low bidder for that area?
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    They're Qwest but go by CenturyLink now, I guess. My username is actually an @qwest.net name. They're pretty big, especially in the Mountain West area.

    I don't know how they were able to get sole provider status. Spent an hour on the phone and supposedly they're going to "expedite" my service request. Hopefully that means tomorrow but who knows.
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    Sorry, but was laughing at your expense from reading this. I am the most calm, patient and laid back person. Nothing has really got me over the edge, I can logically and rationally get through most situations.

    Rewind back to two years ago, I found myself cussing and screaming at Comcast and ATT U-Verse technicians. If those particular people were in front of my face and I had my gun on me, would probably be in prison as we speak. They can drive the most sane person crazy in hours.

    Long story short, it took almost three weeks to get cable/internet from either company, so dysfunctional. I told them whoever gets here first, keeps me as a customer. After many blatant lies to me, Comcast was the first to arrive. Accusing me of changing orders and installations to I never answered my phone, etc, etc. Lie after lie due to their incompetence.

    Starting to feel my blood boil, so I am out!
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    Qwest ... back in the late 90's Qwest was horrible. I worked with Verio and we supported some Qwest connections. I feel for you.

    Where we live in Virginia we only have Comcast but it's been very good service.
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    repory them to the better business bureau.

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    Internet problems are horrible. I guess I've been lucky in that I have had Comcast for over six years with no problem except for a minor part that broke and they fixed it.

    Where do you live that they don't have either Comcast or Verizon? I thought those two providers pretty much covered all of the US. At least, that's been my experience in PA, NJ, MD, NY, VA, etc.
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    sorry to hear that man, i have been lucky with internet, i admit. It sucks you have to deal. im pulling for you tho.
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    I've had services from both ATT and Comcast before and nothing has ever been this bad.

    I'm dead serious, this is hands down the worst technical support I have ever seen.

    The guy was here yesterday and didn't get the job done so I have to reschedule for Tuesday? And they have the nerve to "require" me to be there?

    The only problem I have had with Comcast in recent memory is the wait times at the office. They're simply unbearable. I spend over an hour waiting the last time I went into get service. It's nuts. Still though, if you could tell me I could spend an hour in the office and be done with it, I'll do that in a heartbeat. I've probably spent over two hours on the phone with these scumbags.
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    Reading these horror stories makes me like Time Warner even more. When I moved into my house in 2002 they were right there waiting on me. I've had them ever since and what problems I've had they have been minor, and they were quick to fix them.

    I know they're not a perfect company (far from it). I worked for them for 3 months when I got out of the Air Force and one of my jobs was to get the "defectors" back to Time Warner. The horror stories I heard about Time Warner made me wonder how they could have stayed in business at all; especially in the areas where there were 2 other companies to choose from. I always wondered why my experience with them was so much better than everyone else's. Paying the bill on time helps I'm sure.

    My brother just moved to a little town out of Little Rock, and the amount of cable service he has available is horrendous. It's almost like 15 year ago service. They don't even have cable internet. He had to get DSL for his internet service and he hates it.
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    They are actually a Fortune 500 company.

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