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    Anyone else watching? It's definitely not the quality play that the NFL offers, but it's football. If you have any interest in watching, the games are generally on Thursday and Friday nights, and they play on NBC Sports Network.
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    I am from Canada and occasionally watch some games but agree it is far below NFL level of play but above most college football.

    CFL is heavily pass dominated league because of the large field giving space for the receivers to roam and there are only 3 downs instead of 4 to go the 10 yards. The pass-run ratio is probably around 70/30 for most teams so if you like the running game you won't like it.

    The offense is allowed unlimited motion and the receivers can actually be running down the field at the time of the snap so long as they are behind the LOS.

    The DL must line up at least one yard off the LOS.

    There are 12 players on the field. Most teams play a 4-3-5 although some do play a 3-4-5 arrangement.

    The FG post is located at the 0-yard line so FGs are much easier to come by.

    The field is 110 yards long and I think about 65 yards wide with an end zone that is 20-25 yards deep. The field is much, much larger.

    There will definitely be some names you recognize as about half the players are American and many of them played in Division I football but failed to catch on in the NFL. The game places a premium on speed and the passing game because of how spread out everything is but size isn't nearly as advantageous.

    Lots of my friends like it but I just could never really get too into it. I do watch it mostly when I am visiting my dad or brother-in-law and it can be entertaining at times. It is similar enough to the NFL that you can easily follow the game along once you are aware of the differences.
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    Its alright. I was in Toronto at a bar one night when a game was on and everybody was really into it. Actually had a lot of fun rooting for the Argos.

    I think the CFL is bigger than the American public might actually realize. There is a reason the NFL is having games in Toronto (Bills)
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    This will be one of my first years of really watching it. One of my friends got signed by a team recently, I'm hoping he uses it to spring board back into the NFL.
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    Forget the CFL, the LFL is my new favorite sport.


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