Chan Gailey's Georgia Tech beats #3 Miami

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by EndGame, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. EndGame

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    I actually liked Chan and thought he got a bit of a raw deal when he was coach of the Boys. Regardless of whether he did or didn't, congrats to his unranked Georgia Tech for beating the third ranked team in the country!
  2. LeonDixson

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    On the road no less! Great win for GT.
  3. ndanger

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    Props to Chan!big time win for him and his boys!Way cool !Somewhere Mikey Irvin is at a loss for words! yeah right! Good for Chan !That was a sweet game.Almost as sweet as The refs GIVIN' tech the game from OU,Forgetttaboutit he was down dude.Forgetttaboutit!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
  4. jksmith269

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    Miami didn't play well at all tonight great win for GT props to them.
  5. Frank Van Dusen

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    Meanwhile, Fresno State is up on USC 21-10 with 30 seconds left in the half
  6. VanTheMan

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    Chan is the only coach in NFL history to make the playoffs in his first 2 seasons and be fired....
  7. Da Hammer

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    I'm watching and hoping they lose. Though i wonder who would play Texas in the Rose Bowl if they win out, talk about turmoil if USC loses for the BCS :laugh2:
    Ahh it doesn't matter whoever plays Texas is gonna get blowout in the Rose Bowl. :D
  8. Frank Van Dusen

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    I wonder if USC would have enough in the BCS to not fall below #2 and stay in the title game.

    The strangest thing is, last weekend I was listening to Fox Sports Radio on Saturday night/Sunday morning... and this guy called up saying that Fresno was going to beat USC and that the WAC was a better conference this year than the Big 12. I figured he was someone who'd spent a little too much time in the wine cellars that day, but wow.
  9. Tuna Helper

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    This is all good...maybe LSU can creep into the National Championship Game again. ;)
  10. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    I actually liked Chan a lot.
  11. kmp77

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    USC up by 13....that was quick :/
  12. VThokie7

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    Thank you Georgia Tech!!!! Chan is the man, thanks to their upset victory all the hokies need to do is beat UNC and were in the ACC Championship :bow:
  13. TruBlueCowboy

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    Is that really true or did you make it up? Interesting stat if it's true.

    I always thought Chan got a raw deal. We had a crumbling team ruined by some of the worst drafts and free agent acquisitions, as well as a team handicapped by the contracts of its star players. Then Irvin was injured. I'm not sure anyone could have done much better than Gailey. I think his downfall was that he wasn't an NFL caliber PR guy. Didn't know how to handle the media and spotlight like Parcells or Jimmy can.
  14. Jack Burton

    Jack Burton It's all in the reflexes.

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    Yeah, I thought Chan was in an impossible situation too. Our stars were fading, but too set in their ways to change much. Plus the drafts stunk, and our overall talent was decreasing.
  15. StanleySpadowski

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    The WAC is better than the Big 12 this year. The Big 12 consists of a pretty good Texas team and what else?

    It's not quite Big East bad, but Texas is the only team that could win the WAC.
  16. dbair1967

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    Jones is on record as saying if Gailey had just hired an offensive coordinator he would have stayed on as HC...

    the facts are Gailey was extremely stubborn himself...he didnt tailor his offense to best fit the skills of his best players...he favored playing scrubs like Billy Davis over Michael Irvin when it was crunch time and when it was obvious at one point that WR was a weakness and a decent option became available (Willie Jackson, whom we had drafted and never should have allowed to leave) Gailey quipped "we need WR's who can block first"...yeah ok Chan, want WR's who can get open and catch the damn ball, if they then can also block, thats great...but the offense was handcuffed by poor WR's and Gailey's insistance of avoiding the middle of the field in the passing game...he also coached perhaps the worst game in franchise history, the embarassing home playoff loss to the Cardinals...Cards defensive players and coaches all made fun of Gailey after the game

    I'm sure Ga Tech fans are thrilled with last nights upset, but ask the vast majority of their people here and they are flat out stunned he got a 5yr contract extension this week...


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