News: Charles Haley on DeWare, Canty, and Dat (See also Gryphon merged post #14)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BlueStar22, Dec 19, 2005.

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    He preferenced it by saying that he think that the kid is special. He went on to say that he sees Ware thinking too much. He said that Ware is hesitating for a split second at the snap of the ball. Ware is too focused on the backfield and seeing if it's a run or pass. Haley said of himself, his agressiveness caused him to make a ton of mistakes but his athleticism allowed him to get back into the play, even making the play most of the time. He said once D-Ware gets his confidence level up and realizes that his athleticism gives him the ability to gamble more and still make plays, that's when we will see him become something special.

    ....Not his exact words, but it's pretty close.
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    Good post.

    Again...the last thing Cowboys fans should be worried about is Demarcus Ware.

    Im thinking he is way at the bottom of the list of our concerns. Heck rookies are actually playing and making plays, something that is new to the Cowboys in recent years.

    Merriman is making plays because he has an innovative Defensive Coordinator who moves him around and that DT he plays next, Castillo or whatever, that guys is a beast and certainly has to help Merriman out.
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    I think this is Parcells' doing. He has his guys thinking too much, trying to force them into not making any mistakes instead of just playing with their god-given talent.
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    thanks for posting,where did you here this from.
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    Good stuff thanks for the post.

    Excellent point.........confidence level, makes sense to me.
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    on the Monday Moose Call on ESPN 1033 this evening. Moose and one of the local guys do a show on Mondays. Moose usually has a guest and today it was Haley who of course still lives here.
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    I think most rookies have that problem. I don't think it's just a Parcell's effect. He went strictly on athleticism earlier in the year and several big runs were on his side. Now he's a lil more cautious before he commits and that lessens his effectiveness. Once he gets it, I think he'll be fine.

    Remember Ross had god-given talent and gambled so much, he gambled himself out of the league and on to a new career in street sales.
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    Yup. he's trying to coach them to reach their potential and have a great career.

    Some you prefer the derek ross types who play streetball.
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    I wouldn't have said anything if it was just Ware. Roy Williams has had the same thing happen to him, as has Julius and when you think about it, just about every other 2nd and 3rd year player under BP.
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    Merriman is bigger and stronger at this point. Wait until this offseason, and hopefully BP let's him just play and stop worrying about mess ups.
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    what Mr Haley said AND he probably "hit the rookie wall". Remember that he is from a small school that may not have played in that many bowl games. I am not sure of that, just throwing it against the wal to see if it sticks.
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    you're right on the money dude.
    That's the most frustrating thing about it all.
    Ever notice how many DE's we haven't been able to develop..? esp into effective pass rushers.
    Even Greg Ellis, who's been good, can't get a double digit sack year.
    Merriman, who's a rookie and missed a few games, has 9 or 10 already with two games to go. WHAT IS THAT?!?!?
    that's freakin coaching.
    Roy was a beast his first year. Go look at Calico's highlight reel of his first year. He was a monster. He had 80 something tackles or more, 5 interceptions (I said FIVE INTs, we don't have any CBs or FSs with 5 in a season in a LONG time!) several sacks, a lot of FF and a few FR. I know Woodson helped us a lot but c'mon, put your biggest playmaker in a position to make plays.
    JJ was great last year, flat out sucks this year. Hopefully MBIII won't listen to the coaches.
    I think Torrin Tucker is a coaching failure more than he is a playing failure. He's a GUARD people, not a tackle! BP forced the switch.
    Ware looked better in preseason than he does now.
    Why did it take Brady James 3 seasons to figure it out? Maybe the coaches could've done more. He was a great college player....hmmmm
    I wouldn't be so suspicious except how obviously bad our coaching has been during games all year. Schemes incessantly suck and are flat out WRONG, adjustments either aren't made or are too late. Playcalling usually sucks.
    Go down the roster of some of the teams we've lost to....starting with Wash.
    Stack them up man vs man at their respective positions. You can't tell me we don't have more talent than a lot of teams. You also can't tell me that everyone else's OL is THAT much better than ours. Everyone else in the league has had serious injuries to their OL yet still put it together, figured it out, gameplanned to hide it, and gotten by. Here's a thought THE DA** SHOTGUN FORMATION, heard of it? HERE'S ANOTHER, short drops and quick passes ala WC. When playing against the CPU of 90's Madden games, the CPU makes better adjustments than we do about half the time.
    The bottomline is that we're more talented than how we've played and there is nothing and no one that can be blamed except the coaches. IMO, the coaching staff needs more overhaul in the offseason than the player roster. I'm not saying BP needs to go or anything brash like that, but I do have piques in my yard for Zimmer and Sporano.
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    Ware needs an NFL offseason in weight room anad adapt to new position. Merriman was bigger, stronger, more used to position and ready to play day 1 in NFL. I was always adamaent on that at #11 wanting Merriman over Ware....

    Ware has more upside as an edge rusher but gets chewed up by NFL TACKLES ONCE THEY GET INTO HIM.

    I'm being patient - I'm GM we drafted Merriman/Spears....

    And scurry like hell on how to get back up to draft Heath Miller or Odell Thurman....
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    Originally posted by midnightCow from another sports forum:

    Former great Charles Haley was on the "Moose Call" with Daryl Johnston on 103.3 tonight. Charles explained what he thought about the Cowboys D line.

    He said he was high on Demarcus Ware and Canty. But he said he thought they were playing like robots. At the snap, they were trying to read and react, instead of taking chances.

    He said when Dat Nguyen was around, Dat would make sure everyone was in position. With the new 3-4 scheme and without Dat, the D line lost some of their comfort level.

    Charles said when he was a player, he knew he would make mistakes. But he knew he had the athletic ability to recover. Charles said the Boys D line did not trust in their athleticism.

    for more updates visit

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    Parcells is responsible for some stuff but do you really think he has told RW to tackle with his shoulder? Because thats Roys biggest problem, other than he isnt athletic enough to cover well. He either goes for the kill shot and misses or he goes in with his shoulder and who ever keeps running.

    JJ is hurt (go figure) and he needs to hold on to the ball.

    Newman struggled last season and is fine this season, its called learning the game in the pros.

    What isnt Parcells fault with some of you guys?
  17. Clove

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    Speaking or RW, (love the guy) I would consider making him lose 12 pounds and moving him back to FS where he was killing WR's in coverage, and use Berriult as SS.
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    Well, he is the reason for the high gas prices. Right ?
  19. Dave_in-NC

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    Ofcourse. :laugh1:
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    Yet another reason why Dat is missed...

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