Charles Haley story from NFL Network Intresting

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by jksmith269, May 10, 2005.

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    Just watched a program about an hour ago and Haley was on it. You could tell it was filmed after he left Dallas and tried to make a comeback with 49ers anyway they were talking about coaches and he said get this Barry Switzer got him better than any other coach something to the extent that Barry was a Mans coach. He said if you messed up Barry would take you on what he called a Mans walk and he'd tell ya you can take this like a man or like a punk either way I don't care barry would then cuss you out for 5 min or so then tell you when you go back over there you will be laughing like I just told you the funniest joke you've ever heard.

    I missed the rest after that but I got the feeling he really looked up to Barry Switzer and a lot of the stuff that had been reported back when he was coach was a lot of BS from players who had gotten used to being pampered....

    I always thought Barry was an idiot but hearing charles talk I may have to change my opinion of him.....Maybe
  2. jksmith269

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    What is that supposed to mean?
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    exactly what does that mean?
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    If I remember correctly, Haley wasn't a fan of Jimmy Johnson (to put it mildly). Jimmy was a disciplinarian:whip:...and it was no secret that Switzer was rather....loosey goosey:huh:. Anyway I'm guessing that Haley preferred Switzer's laid back approach.

    I had an opportunity to meet Haley at an autograph session...he was very quiet, low key...I think his daughter was quite ill at the time.

    Agree...Switzer did cost us a SB.:shootfoot
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    Switzer is an idiot, but he didn't cost us the Super Bowl you refer too.

    Face it, they had one very bad quarter in the NFC Championship Game.
    With veterans like Aikman and Irvin turning the ball over, it's hard to blame the coach for that. They came back and won the next year, so what are ya gonna do?
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    If I recall, the 1st Q killed us, all those turnovers. But the Boys were making a comeback. Didn't Switzer bump the ref on a questionable call...think we got a 15 yarder because of Switzer's stupidity. Think that pretty much nailed the coffin.
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    Yes, I think it was over the non-call pass interference on Deion Sanders covering Michael Irvin. They still had a chance, but the bump cost them big.
  8. Alexander

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    Switzer was not from elite upbringing, so that may have had something to do with it.
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    Yup, Switzer was a player's coach. Hotheads like Haley would rather have a fella like him. I have no problem with a laid-back player's coach IF the team is full of veterans who can police themselves and the team. For a while, we were but as new blood came in, the inmates started running the asylum. Poor Aikman was just begging for a coach to stand up, kick some butt, and take command.
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    Haha, wasn't the first quarter, it was the first 3 minutes!!
  11. Yeagermeister

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    Switzer was an idiot...end of discussion

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    I'll not let this go unchallenged, I live in Austin and I still like Switzer, he kicked UT's A$# and he won a super bowl, how many other coaches like Dave Campos and BP have won one in Dallas, everybody wants to judge people by wins/losses in the NFL, ok lets do it that way, the man was a winner whether you like him or not. The last memory I have of DC kicking a@# was the last SB year with Emmitt and Michael, remember when Michael came out of the tunnel with Michael Buffet and the letssssssss get readyyyyy to rummmmmble, we did that day, man Michael and the boys were all playmakers that day, until and if BP can do it in Dallas, this was the last thing resembling a dynasty, sorry I take offense to Switzer bashing, all he ever did was win..
  13. Yeagermeister

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    They won the SB with Jimmy's team and in spite of Switzer.
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    What's the title of the Charles Haley program? He was one of my all time favorite Cowboys. I need to see it.
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    I agree, Switzer gets a bad rap.

    He came into a very difficult situation to coach.

    When you inherit a team that has just won two SB's, they look at you and wonder who you are and what you are doing here.

    If not for the 3 quick TO's in the NFC Championship game, he wins two in a row.

    He wasn't perfect ever, but he was a good coach and a winner.
  16. Hollywood Henderson

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    I agree, Barry was a winner...

    Now if you want to see an idiot...look no further then davy "Time clock"
  17. Chocolate Lab

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    I agree. And Switzer didn't get to pick any of his assistant coaches, either. Think how hard it would be to coach under those conditions.

    Switzer is a lot better coach than he gets credit for. You don't win as much as he won at Oklahoma -- and yes, even here -- without knowing how to coach. Sure, recruiting had a lot to do with his college success, but the charisma that leads to recruiting success works with most players, not just high school kids. And success isn't a guarantee no matter what players you have... Just think of the Ray Handleys of the world who inherited talented teams but couldn't win anything with them.

    Barry's biggest "flaw", if you want to call it that, is that he never cared about building an aura of being some kind of genius or even a Hall of Fame coach. He was his good ol' boy self all the time, and if you didn't like that, that was fine with him. Building some kind of facade wasn't important to him... And it's rare to find a high-profile coach whose ego doesn't find that important to some degree.

    He may not have been the best hire for the job, but I feel he did pretty well given the unusual conditions of coming to a Super Bowl winning team who didn't need to rebuild and insisted on keeping the staff it had in place.
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    Switzer wasn't the reason for the Cowboy's demise. I think that as well as Aikman is loved here, he was far more responsible for club troubles than one might think. I think one of the few mistakes that Jerry Jones made was coddling Aikman. Toward the end I think Aikman got the bighead and tried to play "be the boss" rather than just shutting up and playing. When he finally got cut, he thought that the league would be clammoring for his servises but he got a slap in the face as a wakeup call that he was done playing the game. I AM an Aikman fan, I just think he undermined Switzer from the word go.
  20. Verdict

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    Excellent post.

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