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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by jksmith269, May 10, 2005.

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    Aikman whined all the time. Aikman WAS a very goog quarterback surrounded by HALL OF FAMERS. He did well. He won Superbowls. He was Efficient. He was Clutch. But he was also a whiner who undermined Switzer all he could. As I have said I am an Aikman fan, but a spade is a spade.
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    I'll never forget the practice video where Emmitt accidentally ran into Aikman, which made him so mad that he walked off and went to practice with the second team. He could have a very bad attitude at times.

    He even admitted to wreaking havoc on the team after Switzer's embarassing gun incident. Right after it happened, Jerry called Aikman and was aboslutely fuming, telling him he was going to fire Switzer. Well he didn't, but from that point on it was basically Troy's team and he did and said what he wished.
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    Didn't we lose a regular season game in 1994 to the Whiners that cost us home field in the eventual championship game against them? Why did we lose that regular season game...?
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    I agree.

    Coach Switzer caught alot of unnecessary flak but he did win a Super Bowl. Like him or not, he did it. I don't care if he did it with Jimmy Johnson's players or not. He won it.

    As for the decline of the Cowboys, I think it is very dense to say that Switzer ruined the Cowboys. If anyone ruined the Cowboys it was Jerry Jones. I have alot of respect for Mr. Jones as an owner and he is very committed to the franchise. But like you said, he was loyal to a fault to the players and we paid for it.

    Aikman was a prime example. Jones did everything, and I mean everything Aikman asked for. That included drafting David Lafleur, firing Coach Gailey, installing puppet Campo, trading for Joey Galloway and bringing back Jack Reilly. Those moves hurt the franchise much more than Barry Switzer could ever have.
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    I tend to throw Barry a bone on this one.
    If you want to blame someone for the Cowboys not winning 3 or even 4 in a row, you should blame Jerry and Jimmy (pick one).
    It wasn't Barry's fault that Jimmy & Jerry split.

    Barry came in, won a Super Bowl in 4 years, was in the playoffs 3 of the 4 years. This after winning 3 NCAA Championships, so yea.. I guess that makes him an IDIOT! WOuldn't we all like to be one..

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