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    [​IMG] Buzzmaster: Aaron will be by in a couple of minutes. Send in your questions!

    Mike: What is the one part of your game you really want to improve in training camp?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: Working on the technical part of my game is what I want to do most.

    Marvin (Eagle Pass,Texas): In college, which receiver gave you the most problems, challenges in your college career?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: I would say my teammates Sweed and Pitman, because I had to face them for four years and every practice it was a challenge.

    Eddie (NM): Do you feel you can immediately contribute to special teams, as far as returning kicks?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: That's what I came into UT doing, and I think whoever picks me up will realize that I can contribute a lot in any aspect of the special teams game. For example, I can return kicks, but I can also be a gunner on punts.

    Matt (WA): How do you think the coverage game will differ in the NFL from college? Are you concerned about playing closer to the LOS more often in order to bump WRs?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: I don't think it will differ too much because we had a pro style D, UT really prepared us. As far as the line, I feel that my specialty is bump and run, so as long as I work with the coaches I think I will be fine.

    Neil (Baltimore): Well you got the size and the speed and the skill to cover, but what about your run stopping skills...are you confident you can offer proper run support to a team?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: Yes I am very confident about stopping the run. I got in the weight room and wroked hard, so I feel like I am ready to contribute as far as stopping the run.

    Vineet (Chicago, IL): What NFL player do you most compare yourself to?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: As far as being physical Cedric Griffin, and as far as being an overall great CB, I would like to pattern my game after Champ Bailey.

    Ryan: Do you get sick of people analyzing every little detail of your game, and then criticizing it? It seems like the whole draft process can be a very frusterating proccess, with all the criticism involved.

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: No not at all. That is part of the process. If they are going to be investing so much money in you, they are going to want to make sure they are getting the best player they can get.

    Jamaal (Mount Laurel, NJ): How do you feel about playing against WRs that really jaw alot, ie.....Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, etc? Thanks and good luck!

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: I look forward to it. I enjoy WRs who talk a little bit. It makes the games more exciting, instead of having everybody be mute out there. It is part of the game that I enjoy, it makes things more fun.

    Mike (Homer Glen, IL): Which WR are you most eager to cover?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: Pretty much all of them. Every week you face great WRs. I will be honored to face all these guys and I can't wait to test my skills.

    Scott (Chicago): Who was your favorite CB growing up that you tried to pattern your game after? Deon?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: I was always a big Deion Sanders fan. I was always trying to be like him growing up...he was the guy.

    Chris (Brownsboro Texas): Do you still talk to Vince Young and are you excited that you may play against him someday?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: Yeah i had to go against Vince in practice, so it will be a challenge, because you better be ready when VY steps on the field because he can do anything.

    Kellan (DC): Who was your favorite team growing up, and are you secretly hoping to get drafted by them?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: Being from Texas it was always the Cowboys. But anyone who drafts me I will be very happy to play for.

    Mike (Homer Glen, IL): What jersey number will you try to get, or does it even matter?

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: It doesn;t matter at all, in high school i was number 3, in college i was number 31, but what number I wear is not a big issue with me, although I would like to wear number 31.

    Frank (The Hood): how do you think the longhorns will do next year, with colt mccoy being a year older

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: UT is always good, so with Colt being seasoned and everyone coming back, I think everything will go very well with the team.

    [​IMG] Aaron Ross: To the whole Long Horn Nation thanks for watching me all four years and keep cheering for me, and I hope to chat with you again in the near future!
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    My favorite DB in the draft.
    If we did go DB in the first, I'd hope it's Ross we're adding.
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    Ross is soft....
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    start looking for another # Ross ;)
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    sounds like a decent guy.......
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    I would be very happy if we drafted Ross...........very happy indeed
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    I think the Cowboys will pass on him...
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    Aaron Ross CB Texas

    Aaron is one of the most complete CB’s in this draft. He can play equally as well in a zone scheme or a man-to-man scheme. He is a smart player and understands his assignment and situational football. Aaron has very good size, speed and quickness to play at the next level. He has special teams talent to return punts and should be able to impact for the team that drafts him right away on special teams and nickel-dime packages until he gets used to the speed of the NFL receivers. Aaron is one of the CB’s in this draft that has excellent overall techniques and uses them to his advantage.

    Aaron does not really show any leadership skills and at times this year, seemed a little lost or showed a lack of confidence with the other DB’s on his team. Aaron is the type of CB that reacts very well to others that are playing well around him, but struggles and loses confidence when others around him are struggling. He makes plays when the team is doing well, but becomes conservative in his play when the team is struggling in general. This should not be that big an issue as he gains experience.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that, right now, Aaron does not project to a #1 CB because he is not aggressive enough in his play. He does not want to make mistakes. That’s not a bad thing or a good thing; it is just his way of playing and there is nothing wrong with it. In the future, Aaron might very well become more aggressive; however, for the purpose of this draft, this lack of aggressiveness will have an impact on whether he is rated in the first round or second round. I like him and I like his play. He lets the play come to him, but he will step up to a challenge. He just waits for the challenge to come to him and does not go out and look for it. It’s just his style. He is a safe pick and a good pick; he will become a core player for your team and just maybe a #1 CB for your team. If not, he will still be a good one. Aaron looks like he is a good team player and I think not having Michael Huff around this year shocked him a little, but it made him grow. He struggled some games trying to do too much and cover for some of the other DB’s on his team, and because he is not a great communicator, it affected his game. To his credit, he still never gave up or complained or got down on himself or his teammates. He did look frustrated at times, but he would collect himself and move on. That tells me a lot about the kid. It tells me that his future in the NFL should be a good one!

    - Drew Boylhart (
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    Is he cuddly too?
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    The are morons. There is no way he fall to round two.Mayock,who is well respected said he is a middle first round pick. Well,guess who is in the middle?:bang2: :laugh1:
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    He said all the right things.
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    Actually the huddle report is second only to Gosselin when it comes to draft predictions.
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    yeah he doesn't kick people while they are on the ground like Brandon M.


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