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    from Dont know if this already been posted in here or not but if not some good stuff.

    Rookie Mini-camp Insider
    By Steve Lansdale
    Date: May 3, 2004

    We've got the inside story on 7 players who were invited for a "weekend tryout," as well as additional information on Brandon Middleton, Drew Henson, and two new punters who impressed in more ways than one this weekend!

    WHO'S WHO?
    Roughly 30 players showed up for the mini-camp. Eight players were chosen in last weekend's NFL Draft. Seven players (quarterback Brett Mitchell of Evengel College, linebacker Kitwana Jones of Hampton, safety Torri Stuckey of Northwestern, tight end Greg Garka of Evangel College, defensive tackle Bryan Williams of Alcorn State and guard Thomas Herrion of Utah) were invited for a "weekend tryout." The other players were free agents who signed with the Cowboys after the Draft.

    Wide receiver James Newson, a free agent from Oregon State, pulled up in the Saturday afternoon workout with what appeared to be a slightly pulled hamstring. He wasn't limping, but spent Sunday's workout on a stationary bike and working with a trainer. ("He had a little hamstring, I think," head coach Bill Parcells said. "He'll be OK. And I told the guys: that's the kind of injury that will cost guys their job in training camp. They'll play through that.")

    When he was drafted, running back Julius Jones was touted for his speed and his receiving ability, and with good reason: Jones made numerous catches, including a few one-handed grabs of laser-like passes from new quarterback Drew Henson. He also showed an extra gear, repeatedly bursting through the linebackers and defensive backs.

    Former Dallas defensive tackle Russell Maryland made a guest appearance at practice Sunday.

    Some players appear more eager to make a first impression than others. With the players split into offense and defense, two players won each of the sprints conducted before practice under the watchful eyes of Bill Parcells and his staff: wide receiver Brandon Middleton (University of Houston) finished each sprint first among offensive players, while linebacker Kitwana Jones led the defensive pack in the sprints.

    Josh Boies is a rookie free agent from Temple University, and one of three at the mini-camp hoping to earn a spot as the new Dallas punter. While he and fellow punter Mat McBriar were launching 50- and 60-yard moonshots downfield during Sunday's practice, Boies uncorked one really impressive shot .... that hit special teams coach Steve Hoffman in his back. He might need to take up golf to learn about yelling "Fore!" when his aim goes awry.

    If playing quarterback consisted of nothing more than the pure ability to throw a football, Drew Henson would have the job locked up for years to come. Henson is big and strong. He has the strongest arm of any Dallas quarterback since Troy Aikman, and maybe the strongest ever. He throws Aikman's signature deep out route effortlessly, sizzling the ball to the sideline with a quick flick of his powerful arm. He can throw deep post patterns with ease. However, with that said, don't look for him to play much -- if any -- this season. The Cowboys have been known to get impatient and throw rookie quarterbacks (Steve Walsh, Aikman, Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson) into action. But with the exception of Drew Bledsoe, Parcells is not fond of playing a rookie signal caller. One-way ticket to Dallas, Mr. Testaverde?

    As is tradition, the rookies practiced in helmets that were conspicuously missing the team's signature star.

    Darn Henson must have unbelievable power in that arm. Maybe the strongest arm ever. WOW! Hes gonna be able to force alota passes.
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    Forcing passes is what get young QB's in trouble forcing them where they do not belong instead of throwing it away when they should

    Great he has a cannon arm he is not the 1st qb to have a cannon arm. Ryan Leaf had a better arm than a lot of qb's so what

    Relying on their arm to bail them out and forcing passes is when int's happen.

    I rather Henson use the arm properly make the correct decision if it is not there throw it into the bleachers or dump it off to the rb
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    so did jeff george.
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    I know what you mean and I agree. But the thing is cuz he can throw the ball so hard he can make plays very few QB can. Forcing is not a good idea your right but sometimes you have to do that and Henson has the arm very ez. Im hopin he has all what it takes to be great. Your right he shouldnt forice it but if it has to be done nice to know y ou have a QB with one of the strongest maybe the strongest arm in the game to do it.
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    I really like this idea. I don't remember who came up with it but I give them a :D!!!
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    I'm not too worried about Henson forcing too many passes. He is a coaches son, who has grown up playing QB. He was breaking down game film as a kid and had one of the highest wonderlic scores in the NFL.

    He has the physical tools and everything from his HS days to Michigan days indicates that he has the mental tools as well.

    Once he gets experience, I doubt we will see many bonehead plays, or forces into heavy coverage type plays. I think Henson will be a cerebral QB once he gets up to game speed.
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    Nice post.

    I'm appreciate you putting it up.
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    I have a feeling Carter is going to feel ALOT of pressure in camp when every QB we have outshining his poor arm & accuracy...

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