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Chiefs Picks...#20, #54, #85,#154,#186,#190,#228

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Tamba Hali DE Penn State


    Position: DE
    Class: Sr
    School: Penn State
    Conference: Big Ten
    Ht., Wt.: 6-3, 275
    40 Time: 4.75

    BIO: Three-year starter who moved from defensive tackle to end as a junior. Senior totals included 65/17/11, leading the team in sacks and tackles for loss. Totaled 51/12/2 as a junior.

    POSITIVES: Relentless defender coming off a tremendous senior campaign. Displays outstanding first-step quickness, is fast off the edge and displays outstanding pursuing from the backside. Plays with good pad level, quickly alters his angle of attack and is fast in every direction of the field. Shows an array of hand techniques to protect himself or defeat blocks. Naturally strong and splits double-team blocks. Instinctive with a good head for the ball.

    NEGATIVES: Needs to improve his body strength as he will be pushed from his angle of attack by large opponents. Occasionally pins his ears back, rushes up the field and over-pursues the action.

    ANALYSIS: A natural leader slowly developing a complete game, Hali has the ability to fit several schemes at the next level. Offers possibilities as a pass-rushing end in a conventional defense or could stand up over tackle in a 34. Improved his stock last season and headed toward the middle part of round one.


    Bernard Pollard S Perdue


    Position: S
    Class: Jr
    School: Purdue
    Conference: Big Ten
    Ht., Wt.: 6-1.5, 225
    40 Time: 4.61
    Selected by: Kansas City Chiefs
    Round 2, pick 22 (54 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Moved into the starting lineup as a freshman and awarded All-Conference honors ever since. Led the team in tackles last season, posting 92/3/3 after a career-high 96 tackles the prior year.

    POSITIVES: Strong, run-defending safety with marginal ball skills. Quick snuffing out the play, flashes on the scene and has a burst of closing speed. Strong, defeats blocks on his way to the action and takes good angles to the play. Flashes cover skills in zone.

    NEGATIVES: Not effective in deep center field. Does not have a decisive move to the throw and is slow getting to the spot laterally.

    ANALYSIS: Possessing outstanding size/speed numbers, Pollard is a traditional strong safety who may fit in as a weak-side linebacker in certain systems. Should flourish in a scheme that reduces his lateral area assignments.


    QB Brodie Croyle Alabama


    Position: QB
    Class: Sr
    School: Alabama
    Conference: Southeastern
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2.5, 205
    40 Time: 4.94

    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter who totaled 59.6%/2,499/14/4 as a senior. Played in three games as a junior before tearing a ligament in his right knee. Moved into the starting lineup as a sophomore and passed for 2,303 yards.

    POSITIVES: Solid intermediate passer with a terrific sense of timing. Stands strong in the pocket, buys time for receivers and displays excellent awareness. Effectively reads the defense and accurately hits receivers as they leave breaks. Displays good speed on short and intermediate passes. Looks off covered receivers, does not make poor decisions and is always in control of the offense.

    NEGATIVES: Has a long throwing motion which slows his release. Cannot drive passes down field and is rarely on the mark with long throws. Durability is an issue.

    ANALYSIS: A quarterback with outstanding intangibles and a player who led Alabama to several game-winning drives last season, Croyle lacks top upside but could be a very effective second quarterback at the next level.


    DB Marcus Maxey Miami

    Position: CB
    Class: 5Sr
    School: Miami (FL)
    Conference: Big East
    Ht., Wt.: 6-1.5, 198
    40 Time: 4.52
    Selected by: Kansas City Chiefs
    Round 5, pick 21 (154 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Posted 24/2/3 as a full-time starter during his senior campaign. Junior numbers were 21/0/3 when he started four games.

    POSITIVES: Developing cornerback with excellent size/speed numbers. Easily runs downfield with opponents, quickly locates the ball and displays a good move to the throw. Gets vertical and adjusts to defend the pass. Explosive breaking to the play and has a good burst of closing speed. Fast enough to make up for mistakes and run down opponents.

    NEGATIVES: Marginally productive based on limited playing time. Does not consistently use his size as an advantage.

    ANALYSIS: Offering outstanding upside potential, Maxey is a raw prospect who should get better with experience. Could be used in a variety of systems and has starting possibilities.

    #186 (from Cowboys)

    G Tre Stallings Miss State

    Position: OG
    Class: 5Sr
    School: Mississippi State
    Conference: Southeastern
    Ht., Wt.: 6-3, 314
    40 Time: 5.25

    Grading System

    BIO: Four-year starter used at both left and right tackle. All-Conference selection as a senior.

    POSITIVES: Explosive and durable college tackle with potential at guard in the NFL. Immediately gets into blocks, stays square and holds the point in pass protection. Flashes footwork sliding out off the edge, easily adjusts and blocks with good leverage.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks a dominant base, rarely gets movement from run blocks and must improve his hand technique.

    ANALYSIS: A tough lineman, Stallings offers size and growth potential. Will have a place at the next level if he improves his playing strength.


    WR Jeff Webb San Diego State

    Position: WR
    Class: Sr
    School: San Diego State
    Conference: Mountain West
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2, 211
    40 Time: 4.44

    Grading System

    BIO: Second-team All-Conference selection who has steadily improved his production. Senior numbers included 92/1,109/10 after a junior campaign of 71/863/6.

    POSITIVES: Nice-sized receiver who makes positive plays. Settles into the open spot of the field, shields opponents away with his frame and grabs the ball out of a crowd. Adjusts to the errant throw, displays a sense of timing and keeps the play in bounds after the reception. Flashes soft hands and the ability to snatch the ball from the air. Stays low out of breaks and consistently works to make himself an available target.

    NEGATIVES: More of a long-strider who lacks a burst speed and the ability to beat defenders deep. Did a bit of double-catching as a senior.

    ANALYSIS: Productive on the college level, Webb must improve the details of his position, yet has the ability to be a productive third receiver on an NFL level.


    S Jarrad Page UCLA
    Position: S
    Class: Sr
    School: UCLA
    Conference: Pacific-10
    Ht., Wt.: 6-0.5, 239
    40 Time: 4.65

    Grading System

    BIO: Four-year starter and previous All-Conference selection who posted 66 tackles and broke up five passes as a senior. Junior totals included 79/3/7.

    POSITIVES: Aggressive, hard-hitting defender who is best facing the action. Physical, works to get involved and out-muscles opponents defending the pass. Fast on the blitz, displays a good amount of explosion and quick closing to the play.

    NEGATIVES: Wastes a lot of motion, not efficient and possesses marginal ball skills. Slow locating the pass and gets caught out of position in coverage.

    ANALYSIS: Coming off a poor senior campaign, Page previously presented himself as possible starting material in the NFL. Has the physical skills to make it but must reestablish himself this summer.

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