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    Everyone I know that goes to one ... has to keep going. They swear by it, say it's great, but they keep going back. It's like a temporary fix.

    As Mickey Spagnola might say, if they're so good, why do you have to keep going back to get them to fix it again.

    I've heard people say they're not real doctors. That they're quacks. Just back poppers.

    I'm having back issues. Do I try this? Or do I go to an orthopedic doctor?

    I don't think it's a muscle issue. It's my lower back (belt-level), down in the bones, it seems ... it popped a couple of weeks ago when I bent over to tie my shoes and has been pretty painful ever since. Some days better than others.

    Weigh in.
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    I had an issue with my shoulder that was causing serious pain. I couldn't raise my arm over my head or bring my arm behind my back without enduring excruciating pain.

    I went the Chiropractor (or Choir practice, as the old lady at my church used to say, lol) to see what was wrong. He ran a xray scan, and it turned out that I had a herniated disc in my spinal cord that was causing nerve damage to my upper arm.

    He gave me some arm exercises to realign my problematic disc. After about 2 weeks, the pain was gone and my spinal cord was aligned properly. Haven't had to go back since.

    So I think going to the Chiropractor is a good idea and it's not something that you should have to keep going back to forever. Plus my insurance covered everything for me.
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    Go to your regular doctor before anything and get checked out. Then discuss all this with your doctor and follow their recommendations. Don't head straight for the bone cracker first. That may only make your situation worse.
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    You might also consider acupuncture as well.
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    I wouldn't rule out a muscle issue just yet. Keep in mind that your muscles attach to bone. I tore my rhomboid muscle where it attaches to the spine underneath the trap. Not fun.

    I've had back manipulation in the past. It certainly helps with pain, but you're right, it can be temporary. I've found that strengthening the muscles in conjunction with manipulation can dramatically effect the amount of time it takes for pain to reoccur.

    I would consult a certified doctor before doing any of this there may be a more serious problem.

    Also...there are several types of chiropractic practices. Do some research to find out which one is best for you.
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    You do not have to keep going. I go to a bone cracker when my back hurts and it always helps. But I absolutely do not go all the time.

    Ice, sleep with your legs elevated, take it easy, and Ibuprofen. They are your friends.
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    Anyone who wants to get their back adjusted if they are ever in Tucson, let me know. My chiropractor does not require an appointment, it's only 20 bucks, and his receptionists are stunning UA students.
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    I have been to my regular doctor. She couldn't find anything obvious. She gave me some muscle relaxers (that don't work at all), and said to give it a few days, and if it's not better, she would schedule an x-ray or MRI.

    At this point, I'm trying to decide whether to go that route with an orthopedic doctor, or go to this chiropractor that two of my co-workers are recommending.

    I appreciate the responses, guys. Keep 'em coming.
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    Go to the bone cracker. The fears of them are way over rated. They help.

    I have chronic back problems so bad that at times I can barely walk. 1 or 2 visits is all I need to be straight again.
  10. Chief

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    Have you thought about having surgery to fix it for good?
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    I also recommend the "bone cracker", reason most people have to go back all the time is bad habits (posture, lack of excersise, etc.) but I went to 2 ortho's (once ended up in hospital with back pain) before I went to the chiro and only the Chiro got it right...
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    it sounds like you may have had a disc slip on you, which normally correct themselves over a couple days, rest, and sleeping with your lower legs from the knees down elevated will help.

    I had a disc rupture in my lower back, back in 1992 and my L-4 shift to the left 1/4-1/2" which the Navy ran me around for 2.5 years with and wouldn't fix, so when I finally saw a spinal specialist in 8 of 94 he had me do an MRI, I went back the following Wednesday to get the results and he explained the disc had ruptured and I needed surgery ASAP so I asked when he wanted to do it, the following Wednesday I had surgery. They put 6 screws, and 4 rods from my L-4 to S-1 (fusion) and did a bone graph from my left hip and packed around the bone. The surgery was supposed to take 3-4hrs it wound up lasting 11.5hrs... When they did the measurements for the rods between the screws they took them off the x-rays and didn't allow for the compression that had taken place so the one's they had where too short, and they had to Med-i-vac in ones from LA up to Oakland. The Surgeon told me a few days later if they had waited even a week longer I may have been paralyzed from my waist down and that chances where still strong that I'd become paralyzed within 10years, Thank GOD that it's now been 15years and I'm still up and about, I can say that recently though it's getting worse and worse the pain never goes away, and it's getting hard to even put on socks anymore...

    BTW I knew a guy in the Navy bent over to pick up a pencil off the floor and pop went his back, when it's time to go it goes...

    PS if they put you on meds like Motrin, Celebrex, Naparosen etc be very careful it'll destroy your stomach and liver...
  13. Chief

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    What about Tramadol? I have that, but it doesn't seem to do much.

    My doctor offered me Vicodin, but I said no thanks. I figured I would end up like Brett Favre and get addicted to the stuff.

    Oh, and thanks for your information.
  14. Hostile

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    My problem is not that severe. My back just goes out now and then.
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    I think a lot of chiropractors get a bad rap because the profession has begun to expand beyond its area of expertise. Rather than being physical manipulation, many chiropractors like to throw in some BS about all the other physical benefits.

    They talk about how manipulation will relieve pressure on the nerves coming out of your spine and can improve physiological ailments in other parts of the body. I've actually heard a chiropractor talk about how a patient of hers was able to reduce the number of prescriptions meds she had to take through a series of alignments. Pretty much just position themselves to be a giant cure all.

    With that said, they do have some beneficial treatments. I've gone with someone who had back problems that were acting up so bad that he could barely walk into the office and after getting aligned he was fine. He wasn't hurt from injury or anything but every now and then his back would just throw a fit for no reason.

    If you have a tweaked back you'll probably get some relief from some popping but if you are injured or are experiencing a lot of pain, head to the doctor.
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    Last year I was having issues w/ a disk in my neck. I went to a chiropractor and the guy actually made it WORSE. I then got an MRI done where they found the disk problem and all they wanted to do was OPERATE. I couldn't believe there wasn't something else that could be done. I had this odd feeling that it was the way I was sleeping on my arm causing the issue w/ the disk and circulation in that shoulder/neck area of my body.

    I went home and took an old towel and tied it it around my chest and left arm. This would stop my body from wanting to extend the arm during sleep and sleep on it. I think I was sleeping on it all night long.

    I did this for about 2 weeks and during that time, all my pain went away. I have since trained myself not to sleep on the arm. I feel fantastic.

    Chiropractors are good but I think they get a little overzelous when they are adjusting folks. They are listening and feeling for a lot of movement when they are doing the adjustments and if that doesn't happen, they do it harder.

    I think that is when I got hurt.

    Just be careful w/ who you see as far as adjustments and never let them talk you into surgery right off the bat after finding a disk/nerve issue.

    I would get an MRI before I went to get an adjustment.
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    My back went out a couple years back and it was the worst pain I've ever felt. There is absolutely no position to lay/sit/stand in that it doesn't just absolutely kill you. It hurts to even breathe.

    I've had it flare up a few times since then to where I had to call in sick to work and lay around all day. I originally thought it was just a muscle pull, but the fact it flares up occasionally makes me think there's an underlying issue that isn't just muscle-related. So, a chiropractor is something that has definitely crossed my mind as well.
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    If your Internist is an MD, I'd suggest finding a DO, that way you get the best of both worlds.
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    First, chiropractors are just like any other profession. Some are fantastic, some are not so good. Should you choose to go to one, stick with your friend's recommendations.

    That being said, I've gone to a chiropractor for 20+ years or so. I have scoliosis and some disc degeneration in my lower back. I'll be going to a chiropractor for the rest of my life, because I enjoy being functional without any drugs (Drugs mask pain. They don't fix anything) or surgery.

    (Part of the severity is my own fault because I stopped going for a few years which ended up being a serious issue for me, personally. I refuse to have any vertebrae fused or anything ridiculous like that.)

    For someone that is going for a specific issue, chances are that you will not have to go long term.

    Think of going to the chiro like having a tomato plant. Sometimes the plant gets droopy and you have to tie it to a stake to help it get strong enough to hold it's own weight.

    If you untie it after one day, you're back where you started. If you continue to help it, the plant will eventually be able to stand freely.

    Chiropractic helps undo the damage that you do to your body, putting things back where they're supposed to be. After you've allowed your body to be misaligned for a long time, it won't be corrected with one adjustment.

    Either way, a good chiropractor will give you a consult for free/discount. He or she can tell you what course of treatment they think will be best for you so you know exactly what will be happening going forward with your visits.

    Then if you agree and want to go ahead with treatment, you are going in with a plan in place.
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