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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Dale, Jul 14, 2004.

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    Anyone catch Berman's profanity-laced tirade that was accidentally aired on ESPN last night after the All-Star game? I didn't catch it live, only caught the bleeped out version on the local news so I don't know exactly what happened...but Berman, Reynolds and Kruk were on video and audio but didn't realize they were on air, and were going off about how pissed they were that SportsCenter was leading off with the NBA and not the All-Star game.

    Berman then mocked Carlos Boozer, saying, "Carlos Boozer? Pff. We'd be Carlos Boozer if we had drank that Yeagermeister at the table." He got a lot of "sh**s" and damns in there as well, all uncensored live on air. He was going off on ESPN. It was hilarious.

    I'm assuming there could be some serious ramifications for this. He managed to diss ESPN mightily, curse live on air, and even get in an alcoholic joke.

    Pure greatness. :)
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    Dam! I hate I missed it. I guess one can say that he was using vice-presidential language, lol.

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    Don't insult my name by linking it with Berman :D
  4. Chief

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    I'm so sorry I missed that.

    Has there been any backlash?

    Berman has gotten so full of himself (maybe that's why he looks like he's about to pop).

    I used to like the guy (10 or 15 years ago), but he gets on my nerves now.

    He's like a big, obnoxious cartoon character.
  5. TruBlueCowboy

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    Wow. I wish I could have caught that. :cool:
  6. Danny White

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    FWIW, I saw Berman in the St. Louis Airport a couple months ago. He was on a pay phone right next to where I was sitting and he was really cussing out someone over the phone (sounded like an assistant or secretary) because of apparently botched travel arrangements. It was "F" this and "S" that.

    It was pretty funny, because before he started talking I wasn't 100% sure if it was him, then as he starts screaming at this person over the phone, it was so distinctly his voice, it was really obvious it was him.
  7. Chief

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    The Imus radio show recently played a recording of the sweet, lovable, soft-spoken music host Casey Kasem going nuts on someone. Every other word was bleeped out and he had this nasty snarl to his voice. Now, when I hear him doing those sappy song dedications, I just laugh. There's a whole nother side to that psycho.
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    I have heard that on another show...funny stuff.

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