Chris Canty stood up Flozell and drove him back a few steps

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KWMIKE, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Boy's fan in Giant land

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    Flo probably was taking it a little easy on him. At any rate, I'm extremely glad that Canty's actually out on the field at this point in time. This kid's going to be a demon.
  2. Nors

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    Where in Dutchess County? I have family from there.
  3. Wolfpack

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    Canty to it !
  4. Seven

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    OMG!!! I'll faint for him!!
  5. Fletch

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    LOL Big IF!
  6. FuzzyLumpkins

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    A difference making DE that would start on most teams able to contribute immediately. yeah baby yeah
  7. SilverStarCowboy

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    Was Canty even in contact drills today?

    I don't think so.

    Must have been Coleman, Ratliff or maybe Jermaine Brooks, if there was such a play.
  8. Fletch

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    Peppers is not about 300 lbs. Try around 285 plus. But if I predict anyone on the Cowboys' squad to be anywhere near Peppers' caliber... my sleeper pick would be Chris Canty. :cool:
  9. Chuck 54

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    fast? since when were either of these guys considered speed guys?
  10. Hollywood Henderson

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    Perhaps more quick for their size vs speed Wayne...

    Ether way, I would also want to see the play before I gave much props to Canty...Such as if it was a pass play...Flo would be doing what he needs to do by dropping back a few yards to create a pocket...

    Ether way, lets hope the young guys all develop to form a new DOOMSDAY!
  11. Cowboys&Caps

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    yea he was in contact drills so no it Ratliff,or Coleman canty just isn't allowed to to full speed 11 v.11 and he is going to north carolina soon to get his eye checked out.
  12. ghettogandhi

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    Just wanted to remind the board who promoted Canty for a half a year prior to the draft.

    thats right me

    Canty will be very good....

    DOes anyone else think our personnel is more suited to a 4-3 than a 3-4

    Ware, Ellis starters
    Canty Spears reserves

    Glover and Fergusonn
    reserves Spears, Carson,

    Our linebackers are on the small side to play a 3-4 it will work because of the talent but perhaps the 4-3 is more suited for this squad at this time. Any thoughts.
  13. Nors

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    We are a 3-4 defense. Bill is not accepting failure and excuses. He brought the players in to execute this. 4-3onites give it up. You are like a kicked dog coming back for more beatings. Sad.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Most people in here believe that to be true. BP knows it also. That is why we won't be an exclusive 3-4 defense. We will change back and forth as the situation calls for.

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