Cincy is overrated

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jterrell, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Certainly Dallas can beat Cincy.
    But the Bengal are playing well now and this is not the same team as earlier in the season.

    Certain matchup look troublesome: given that they have of of the very vest interior Dlines in the game going up against one of the worst. The lead the league in sacks and the majority come from the inside rushers.

    I expect a great game, as both have plenty to play for.

    FWIW, the Dallas Morning did their predictions today.

    I think 7 of 8 picked the Bengals and 6 of 8 even thought they'd win by >3.

    Uusally the same people that blew off the Seahawks early in the year as pushovers, without really knowing much about them, are the same ones blowing off Cincy now.

    I'm hoping for Dallas 24, Cincy 20
  2. DFWJC

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    They've now won 4 in a row, so I's say they are more consistant than they were.
  3. Beast_from_East

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    We have what, 1 win all season against a team with a winning record and that was the Giants on openning night.

    We are in no position to question anybody's wins.
  4. bigdnlaca

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    Im assuming he meant NFC & AFC North.
  5. bbailey423

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    sorry AFC North. And for the record....I am going to watch very closely how both Baltimore and Cleveland play RG3. The other 2 AFC North teams played him how EVERYONE should play him...and he was crying to the refs via the media. Baltimore is not healthy...but no one is at this point. But they do have a mentality they play with...and Cleveland is no walk in the park either. But back on topic....calling a team from that division....that has to play our division...overrated is nonsense.
  6. Blitzen32

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    We've played some great teams this season. Cleveland is silently playing excellent ball. They've been competitive and close in all of their games but one so far. They're certainly not as bad as some people believe.

    The Skins have also improved quite a bit, even despite a multitude of key injuries. It says a lot that we fought back against them on turkey day. Garrett made some excellent adjustments at halftime and got us back into that game.

    In fact, Dallas has been competitive in all of its games. I think we'll surprise a lot of people this weekend, and carry that momentum into the next 3 weeks. I would not be surprised if we win out. As we've seen before, Garrett and Romo can be magical at times...especially when it's least expected.
  7. CowboyFan74

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    I pretty much agree with your entire sentiment but Pitt is no slouch. The Giants are up and down and so are the Redskins but for the most part are playing better than we are.

    The one game that stands out to me is how the Ravens blew them out and we hung in there against them. To me this is another one of those that can go either way.

    Romo needs to continue to protect the ball and put up points, our D, specifically Ware, needs to get to Dalton often. I wish Ryan would assign Claiborne to each teams most productive WR, that's how I'd play it...

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