Claiborne, Mathieu or Peterson?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dallasfan4lizife, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Good thing you used a 2011 article from Pro Football Focus because if you'd used their 2012 write-up, PFC would have had Peterson as a top 5 CB.

    Second-Year Standouts

    The cornerback class of the 2011 draft may go down as one of the best in history, and has had some players explode onto this scene this year. Patrick Peterson, Prince Amukamara,Chris Culliver, and Richard Sherman have all been top-flight cover corners this season and all are in the Top 10 in NFL Rating Allowed. Combined, they have allowed one touchdown and intercepted eight passes. What they have done is nothing short of amazing, especially considering that Sherman was the only one to have a positive coverage grade last season. This has the chance to be a class that, much like the receivers of 1996, the quarterbacks of 2004, and the tight ends of 2010, people talk about for a while.
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    First of all you started out quoting me first, and came at me in a way I didn't like. Like you were all mighty. So no I didn't start out criticizing you, had you came at me without being a smart ***, and stated why you feel flowers is better without the extra. I would have took you more serious, and would have shown more respect as you have shown me.

    Anyways your explanation, sounds good. Flowers is a great corner. Some of the things you are saying about Haden i have seen him get beat before like all corners, but most of what I have seen is great coverage. Not saying what you are saying is not valid, I'm sure some of it is.

    We can watch them both this year , and watch them both closely.

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