News: Claiborne's fumble return for first NFL TD bails out struggling Cowboys' defense

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 3, 2012.

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    _ Jimmy Burch

    Dallas rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne scored his first NFL touchdown on a 50-yard fumble return in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 38-33 victory over Philadelphia.

    “That was a pretty damn big relief. That’s about all there is to it,” Ryan said of Claiborne’s return. “It shouldn’t be as difficult as we made it look to night. We made it look difficult and that’s on me.”

    “I haven’t been in the end zone in so long and to get in (the end zone) on this stage, you know it was awesome and in a big game like that,” Claiborne said. “It was real big. My teammates … got it out. I am just blessed and fortunate enough to be around the ball and be able to pick it up and get in the end zone with it.”

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    It bails out the offense too! If Claiborne, hadn't done that, it would have been a LOSS for Dallas on an agonizing, mind numbing special teams TD by the Eagles.

    Still waiting for a pick 6 from Claiborne, but I'm VERY happy with a 50 yard fumble return. He ran it so fast, it seemed like only a 30 yarder.
  3. Future

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    Claiborne not only has the athleticism, but seems to have the right approach to make him a great player in this league.

    I know you have to a bit of a "johnny ont he spot" to get a fumble return TD, but how often do you see guys pick up the ball clean like that and take off out of a cluster? He's going to be big time I think.
  4. Joshmil53

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    That run definitely made me rethink his speed.
  5. FiveRings

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    No way I can take a positive out of that, Brown was carrying the ball like a loaf of bread the whole night and only once we make a play
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    I don't think Brown carried the ball poorly and Brent made a good play on that fumble. Yes, Brown needs to secure the ball better in traffic but he wasn't being unnecessarily careless IMO.

    I love the way the Eagles/Reid drafts speed so well. Brown not only has speed but a good RB body. He's going to be trouble down the road. Now they have Brown and McCoy. Both burners. I have a great deal of respect for Andy and hate you see him fired but OTOH I'll be glad to see him out of the NFC East.
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    Mee too. At this point in the season. For a rookie. At this late stage of the game. You would expect his body to be beat up. But there was not a person on the field that was going to catch him. Nice burst. Sustained speed. Impressive.
  8. Flinger

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    How do you figure? Didn't that put us up by 14?
  9. rocboy22

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    you didn't realize we had people in here that can predict the outcome of games in certain "if" scenarios? get with the program!! :laugh1:
  10. CanadianCowboysFan

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    do you truly believe that the game would have played out the same way if not for the fumble ie punt return for a TD?
  11. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I could not believe that special teams fiasco at the end of the game... Dude needs to be fired.
  12. RastaRocket

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    I love the reaction afterwards. Oh crap don't lose the ball!
  13. newlander

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    ......he does. I'm not a conspiracy theorist BUT....Joe D must have a lifetime deal either by implied consent OR from guilt or both...just assinine that play and the play fo the special teams in general

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