Cliches Gone Wrong

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Aikmaniac, Apr 30, 2010.

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    This probably needs to be filed under the "you-had-to-be-there" department but I thought I would share anyway.

    See, my boss, much like several people I know, talks in cliches all day long. In fact, they can talk in nothing but cliches during an entire conversation.

    The problem is that my boss completely destroys cliches. I have to give him a break since English is his second language, but it sure does make for some good entertainment.

    Below are a couple examples of these cliches. Just imagine hearing these in the middle of a conference room full of executives and trying not to lose it. Feel free to add any screwed up cliches you have heard:

    - "Chasing after the wrong rabbits"
    - "Your eyes are like a deer's at midnight."
    - "Splitting grass leaves."
    - "Statically pleasing."
    - "The road to hell is painted with good intentions."
    - "So said the blind man who never saw."
    - "Fall into death ears."
    - "We are two ships in the night."
    - "We'll cross that bridge when we find it."
    - "This guy doesn't let grass grow between his toes."
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    We had a guy that used to work here named Ron. We have a wiki page with what we refer to as "Ronisms"

    Various quotes from Ron (cut and paste)

    * Like they say in the whole world.
    * Happy Rigmarole Day
    * "I used to eat like a house."
    * "Chestnuts open on a roasting fire..."
    * "I'm going to ride that storm like there's no tomorrow."
    * "4 - 10, Over and out"
    * "He is the only one who could draw poison from a stone."
    * "Catch ya on the rewind."
    * "What is everyone doing out there? Treading tires?"
    * "Are you looking for a dingie?"
    * Date Weight (urbandictionary)
    * "Born and brewed Liverpool fans"
    * Lou, I would like to commend you a well job done today.
    * I'm going to give you a can of whup***!
    * Brad, your like a kid in a candy store that doesn't have any candy. Eat them apples!
    * I have the H1B virus.

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