Clinton Portis coming up on the Michael Irvin show

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by demirji22, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Injury Recap:

    Knee is "stiff" there is "light swelling", he is trying to get "range" back by getting treatment.

    If the Superbowl is tomorrow, Portis said "you have to count me out."

    Gives a 50/50 percentage of him coming back.

    He needs be able to play football 100% or he isn't going to play. Needs to be able to block etc.

    Doesn't feel pressure to come back because of his backups and team. They will step their game up.
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    sounds like he is pretty much ruling himself out..unless his knee somehow heals up right before kickoff
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    I was skeptical about this whole situation, thinking it was gamesmanship, but after this I really think he might not be able to play and if that is the case it would be huge for us no matter what everybody thinks, he is one of the best RB in the NFL.
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    does not sound good for him

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