Clooney's Kind Gift to a Friend

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    One day driving around Los Angeles, George Clooney spotted in the trash a hideous painting of a naked woman. He took it home and started plotting his evil plan. George began telling his friends, including longtime pal Richard Kind ("Spin City" and "Mad About You"), that he had developed a newfound love of art, that he was taking painting classes, and that he thought he was quite gifted. George dragged Richard to galleries and craft shows to ensnare his victim deeper into his web. Then one day he showed up at Kind's home with, you guessed it, the dumpster art. He had signed the painting and said he was so proud of it he wanted to give it to his friend. A horrified Kind felt he had no choice but to display the art in his home. Clooney let it hang for a few weeks before confessing his prank.
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    ha! Good one George.

    I wish I had time to plan something...much less a prank.
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    :lmao2: :lmao2: I hear George is one of the better prankers in Hollywood. That was a good one. I like pranks people actually think about and come up with stories to back it up.
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    his acceptance speech was pretty funny too

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