Clowney 1st. Pick

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyschmps3, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Shelter said they ain't taking a qb and are going defense, or trade back, also someone mentioned something that, that might one reason Clowney ain't working out cause he has been told by Htown not too too prevent injury.
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    I wouldn't gamble on this QB club with the first pick when there are better players...I personally don't think anyone is worth the #1 pick, the way that it is held so high and mighty...there is no clear-cut, can't-miss player in this draft the way I see it...I think Mack is the closest thing, and I can't see him being taken first by Houston (maybe by another team that is closer to competing and has that need)...I still feel that Clowney has some potential bust factors to him, but not with his talent, that is not in question...he still strikes me as a guy that once he gets paid, he will not work as hard....

    ...but, someone has to go #1, I just don't see Houston signing anyone early...I would hope that someone falls in love with a player and stupid-trades with me if I am them (ala: Redskins with RG3)
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    Smart choice is to take Clowney.

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