News: CN According to Design: Cowboys 24 Dolphins 20

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Signature Play of the Game

    Here's a wide stretch play from the early 2nd quarter which shows effective blocking by the kids, especially the trio of Leary, Frederick and Arkin.

    The Cowboys line up in an unbalanced set on 1st-and-10, with Phillip Tanner the single back and two tight ends, Gavin Escobar and Dante Rosario on the right. Escobar is the Y and Rosario the F. The Cowboys used this formation a lot early and sometimes threw in a third TE. Here, the call is a simple stretch wide to the right, behind the power.

    The goal is getting a push on the defensive tackle on the strong-side, who is lined up in the gap between right guard David Arkin (62) and right tackle Edawn Coughman (76). Frederick will help Arkin on a double-team to push this DT wide, and then Frederick will scrape off this block and take out the middle linebacker, just out of frame in still one. The key backside block belongs to Leary. He will have to move quickly to his right and cut off the nose tackle, who is angled towards Frederick's left ear-hole:



    In still three, you can see the blocking developing. Frederick and Arkin have engaged the right DT and are sliding him wide.
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    He must be mistaken. Arkin was terrible. I know he was, I read on this forum.:cool:
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    RG is a mess right now. Arkin is a limited player with a probable ceiling of journeyman backup. Mackenzie Bernadeau is constantly hurt and had already failed as a starter in Carolina. He's Montrae Holland, except hurt.

    Doug Free needs a stout run blocking presence next to him, and neither Arkin nor Bernadeau can answer that need. I can see Costa and Kowalski in the mix as backup center, but neither are guards. Frederick is an OK guard but probably a great center, and as center he can help both guards to either side of him.

    It's unacceptable that the team has real solution. Maybe Livings comes over from LG, but he's a castoff and walking ER just like Bernadeau.
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    Well... yeah.

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