CN:Bruce Irvin: "I Met With Dallas"

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Posted by Rafael at Sunday, April 01, 2012
    Bruce Irvin
    DC Fanatic and I spoke to West Virginia's Bruce Irvin yesterday. Here's a small sample of the interview:

    DC Fanatic: [Bruce] you went to the Combine. Which teams were interested in you? Were there any teams that talked to you about playing in a 4-3 or was it mostly 3-4 teams?

    Bruce Irvin: I talked to a couple of teams. The Eagles, they ran a 4-3. The Lions, they ran a 4-3, but I had 22 informal meetings at the Combine. It was mostly 3-4 teams. I met with Dallas, Rob Ryan... Jason Garrett. I met with those guys. It was mostly 3-4 teams, to be honest with you.
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    22 meetings, good grief. :laugh2:

    That it was mostly 3-4 teams is a boon though, it may mean 4-3 teams are less interested and can't think of a position for him. Shrinks the pool.
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    I'd welcome him.
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    Besides gilmore, irvin has to be the guy I want most out of the draft. For some reason I think he has the explosion of von miller.
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