CN:Building a Short-Short Cowboys Draft Board: Centers, Safeties and Receivers

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    Posted by Rafael at Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Ben Jones: in the 2nd
    round discussion?
    Part three of this week's chat with the National Football Post's Wes Bunting looks at more prospects at Cowboys positions of need.

    Cowboys Nation: Moving to center. Is Konz still a late-1st round, Green Bay, Baltimore type of guy?

    Wes Bunting: Yeah. I've heard a few people talk him up as a mid-1st rounder, but I don't know if I buy too much into that rumor.
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    Jones is a solid mid-third round prospect on just about every board I've seen. So unless a lack of available centers causes a team to reach, I don't think he'll go until then, with the possibility of a very late second round pick (like Baltimore or New England) being used on him.
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    Ourlads has Philip Blake rated higher than Ben Jones. I think Blake is better. He is more athletic and has longer arms than Jones.


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