News: CN:Cowboys Camp Report, Day 5: Red Zone Monday

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Posted by Rafael at Monday, August 01, 2011

    The Cowboys ran an abbreviated practice today, ending 50 minutes earlier than normal, though 25 minutes later than claimed this morning (practice was billed to end at 4:15, but ended at 4:40). The Jasons crammed a lot of work into the shorter session, with much of the emphasis on red zone and pre-red zone offense and defense.

    The session began with a second consecutive day of kickoff coverage and return work. It's very, very early, but look for Orlando Scandrick, Sean Lee, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Bryan McCann, Barry Church and Kevin Ogletree to be core players on a special teams group that has turned over almost 100% the last two seasons, with some disastrous results. These players are getting a lot of reps with the first team kickoff and punt coverage units.
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    Butler lining up next to Ware on nickle and dime sets.:clap: This should be good.
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    Good Stuff! I'm getting excited about this defense. I'm also curious to see if this dominate play continues when the starters show up on Thursday.
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    The most amusing -- and amazing -- segment of this drill saw the defensive linemen working on tip drills. One would try to bat the ball to a second, who tried to snag it out of the air. I've seen this drill run from high school to the pros, but always for back seven defensive players.Rob Ryan is convinced his guys will create a lot of turnovers and wants every one of them, even the big guys, to believe that he can steal the ball, on any given play.

    I LOVE this.
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    Might as well.

    It's comforting knowing that Rob already has a contingency plan in the event the Cowboys fail to sign any safeties -- just don't play them. ;)
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    biggest thing i like is that there are fresh eyes and fresh evaluations going on, hearing about butler getting so many reps tells me they see something that was most likely overlooked by the previous coaching staff

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