News: CN: Cowboys Defensive Line Rotation - Return of the Jimmy Johnson Wave

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 11, 2014.

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    The Cowboys should have four new defensive line starters. They will be playing the same scheme, but doing it differently. With the pain of losing a future hall of fame defensive end still fresh it was easy to miss critical statements made by the Cowboys front office in regards to the defensive line rotation that started immediately after the 2014 NFL Draft. Jerry, Stephen and Jason all continue to echo the same sentiment, the Jimmy Johnson wave style rotation along the defensive line is back.

    Look at some of the quotes from Jason Garrett in a recent OTA press conference.

    “… he had eight legit defensive linemen come at you in waves ..”
    “… Jim Jeffcoat with 12 plays a game …”

    ” .. when you can take guys who were getting 60 snaps and give them 30 and give 15 to guys who were playing 30 … they play so much better ..”

    Raf and I have talked about this and agree, it’s not who the starting four are that is the most interesting. It’s who makes the final eight. Let’s look at the starting four.

    #1 – Henry Melton – all pro who plays three positions.
    #2 – Tyrone Crawford – plays outside or inside with power and speed.

    #3- Terrell McClain – plays either tackle spot with power and quickness.

    #4 – Demarcus Lawrence – weak side with a big time first step.

    There may be an argument about if these four will actually start, but it’s a slam dunk they are in the final eight.

    Read the rest:
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    Thank god the title was typo. I Ginger was going to bring in NASCAR driver to help coach the team. :p
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    Ha! I didn't even notice. I'll fix it now. lol
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    how did you get the word god past the censors?
    Oh, i notice that it shows up in my post too. maybe that word is no longer flagged. OK, carry on.
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    Some people say "rotation" -- what I see is that we don't have any dominant players.

    Now, if Melton returns to the form he showed with the Bears in 2012, you can be sure that he's going to rotate out a good bit less than the others.
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    JMO but our DL will be much improved this year.
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    OP writer misspelled Jimmy... Kinda took the luster out of the article for me.
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    If there's one thing about our revamped DL we might take comfort in, it's that we couldn't be much worse than we were in 2013. -- lol
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    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this.
  10. unionjack8

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    i think we may carry up to 10 DL.

    I see Gardner, bishop, coleman with strong chance to make the team and i woukdnt sleep on martez wilson, he has all the skills to be a wde
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  11. Idgit

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    I wish we could put all our DLs into a soup pot and just reduce them all into 8 decent players for the roster.
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    however, if we have enough decent players who can all go full speed and contribute a few good plays every game, we will see a big difference in the defense this year.

    the johnson wave is a good thing to emulate. i don't think this defense will be as good as those were -- especially without lee -- but if it's the start of a 2-3 year project that ends up as good as them, we'll all be smiling.
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    But the present group is very different from the 20113 version.

    Most of those guys were signed literally off the street..

    and still they had time under Marinelli when they exceeded expectations..

    this group of players has some success elsewhere whereas the others..

    not so much.

    We'll see.
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    SDE George Selvie, Ben Gardner
    3TECH Henry Melton, Tyrone Crawford, Ben Bass
    1TECH Terrell McClain, Ken Bishop, Davon Coleman
    WDE Demarcus Lawrence, Martez Wilson
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  15. guag

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    Looks great, except I anticipate Crawford primarily at SDE (I think they've been using him there in the OTAs)
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  16. LatinMind

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    Marinelli has come out and said he sees Crawford inside but he wants him to know the outside aswell. People are making too much of Crawford playing SDE in the OTAs. He was doing that because Selvie was out. If he wasnt out we wouldve seen Crawford playing the 3TECH.
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    Probably because he used the little "g." Capited "G" and you would see this thread in the Supreme Court.
  18. jday

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    Considering how bad the injury bug hit this unit last year, I'm thinking 10, as well.
  19. Oh_Canada

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    This is a big reason why I think the Cowboys dline's have struggled in recent years, they simply didn't have enough healthy bodies to rotate in and out-coupled with the reliance of Ware who faded every season spelled doom down the stretch.

    Personally I like this approach.
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    They have Ben Bass at #6. He really has not done anything more than the rookies, IMO.

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