News: CN: Jets Week, Part Three: Keep It Simple?

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    Jets Week, Part Three: Keep It Simple?

    Posted by Rafael at Wednesday, September 07, 2011

    Rob Ryan told the press last week that he has no idea how he'll game plan against the New York Jets this week.

    Raise your hand if you believe him?

    Ryan's Cleveland Browns faced the Jets mid-season 2010 and played them into overtime, where Santonio Holmes caught a winning touchdown in the last minute of the 5th quarter. Ryan ran a fairly simple game plan, and I see a strong chance that he'll run another one Sunday night. This is because the Jets are not a complicated offense. They rely on power and execution, and that dictates that Ryan challenge it with more fortified sets. The crazy one and two lineman packages will only take the field, if Rob's more basic personnel sets win first and second down.

    Look at the Jets offense and you see a running game almost identical in scheme to Dallas'. A lot of zone blocking. A lot of off-set I sets, both weak and strong, thought mostly to the strong side. (See here for a quick run down on formations. And here.) Two tight end sets, with runs to an overloaded side....

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