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    Cowboys Training Camp Day 2 – No Lack Of Leaders
    Steven Van Over


    ...Cowboys Training Camp Day 2 -Random Observations

    • Zack Martin is getting work at Center
    • Swing tackle Parnell is healthy and in shape this camp
    • Leary & Spencer doing light jogging and side band crawls – looking good
    • WR’s working on getting off the press
    • Henry Melton looks NASTY. Just no other way to put it.
    • Terrell McClain is the second aspect of the NASTY twins.
    • Matt Johnson has already practiced more days this year than previous years combined
    • Doug Free LEVELED a dummy and the player who was holding it (and not paying full attention). Laughing could be heard across the field.
    • B.W. Web needs to step up. Not that he is playing bad, those behind him are excelling (so far).
    • Jeremy Mincey took a step forward at the end of practice. He needs leaps.
    Every year when working the Crawford drill (slalom vs tackling dummies) the NFL would wait and watch for DeMarcus Ware to take his turn so they could use it for training tapes. Enter Henry Melton. Was he injured? Did he have a bad wheel? Could have fooled me. The man got JUMP and CUT! The “oooooohs and ahhhhs” were coming from the players and coaches as well as the fans. Let’s lay it out. The front office hit a home run here. The pads and pre-season will determine if it’s a grand slam or an inside the park gift. Right behind him is Terrell McClain...
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