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    Posted by Rafael at Thursday, August 18, 2011

    The next in a series on Jason Garrett's offense looks at the incredible flexibilty of the deuce, or 12 set, which features one-back and two tight ends, on the traditional "Y" back, who usually lines up just outside of one of the offensive tackles and a second tight end designed as the F-back, who moves to a wide variety of positions.

    The Cowboys have tried in vain the past decade to replace Daryl Johnston, their All-Pro, all-purpose fullback from the Triplets days. They have drafted a line of fullbacks (Nicky Sualua, Jamar Martin, Deon Anderson, Shaun Chapas) tried undrafted free agents (Lousaka Polite, Chris Gronkowski) converted inside linebackers (Oliver Hoyte, Isaiah Greenhouse) and drafted tight ends to try at the F-back slot (Anthony Fasano, John Phillips).

    A Base Set in Disguise
    One reason to expect more use of the 12 package is how easily it morphs into the 21 standard set. Here's a common look, the ''deuce right'' formation, popularized by Joe Gibbs' Redskins in the early '80s:

    SE T G C G T TE
    F QB FL


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