Twitter: Coach Jerry Jones on The Fan - 11/12/13

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. dragon_mikal

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    So keep everything as is because it has been working so well lately.

    This offense is broken. The scheme is outdated, predictable and on top of that the coaches seem to rolling dice to pick plays instead of reacting to what's happening on the field.

    Bill Callahan calling plays out of Jason Garrett's playbook is a disaster but Jerry is all for keeping the status quo. I really don't like Jerry Jones.
  2. birdwells1

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    Aw man, sorry to hear that.
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    Yep. And some fans really buy this nonsense. Dont get me wrong, they are certainly allowed to believe this man, but I just dont see how they can. You just know its coming, after a 7-9 season this year, we'll be hearing:

    the injury to Sean Lee was devastating
    we almost beat denver
    our D-line was a mess with injuries
    we think we've found the right guy to be off. coordinator now and we're bringin him in...
    we like marinelli and he'll be our def. coord.
    I think these 2 guys, under Jason's leadership will really get this team where we need to be.

    (then he'll give that used-car salesman wink of his)

    year after year...all to protect Jason because Jerry cannot admit to making a mistake.

    Its all coming folks. Get ready!
  4. CATCH17

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    Callahan calling plays out of any playbook is a disaster. It's not 2002.
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    I hope you liked those, I hope you liked those very much

  6. morasp

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    Exactly, I remember last year the Ravens switched offensive coordinators during the season and it worked out pretty well.
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    No, he's too busy clapping.
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    That's how it is here in St. Louis. The only time you hear from owner Stan Kroenke is when it has to do with stadium or owner stuff. The only time you hear from the GM is during draft and the beginning of training camp. The rest of the time you hear from Jeff Fisher and Jeff Fisher only.

    I mean why does Stephen Jones have his own radio show? Really??????

    It should be one voice, the HC. That's the way it should be.
  9. bbailey423

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    My hope was that Stephen would be a breath of fresh air after he took over for his Dad. It is becoming more obvious by the day that it will be more of the same. They do NOT run this like a football operation....becaues in THEIR reality....its not. It is an entertainment conglomerate....and the Cowboys head up the sports division!
  10. JPM

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    I honestly don't care if Kiffen cares, too bad his D hasn't worked. I don't care if Rowdy gave him advice at this stage.
  11. T-RO

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    And those kind of comments completely send the wrong message...that somehow being close means something. It means nothing.
  12. unsportsmanlikeconduct

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    I could've won the lotto if I just got 4 more of the 5 numbers
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    These two threads indirectly sum up what's wrong in Dallas: Jerry's ego. I remember the 3 Super Bowls very well. When Jimmy was here he did it all. Jimmy was essentially our GM/HC, and Jerry was just owner and sort of a spokesperson. Then from what I read Jerry took credit for the Tonly Castillas free agent signing, and that P.O.'ed Jimmy. Then Jerry made the comment that any one of 500 coaches could coach Dallas, and at that point Jimmy had enough. Since Jimmy quit he has been in an endless mediocity and quest to prove he can be GM and that he has the football skills to do so. The only time he gave up any authority since Jimmy left was when Parcells was here, and I he did that to get his stadium referendum passed (let's see how that move works the next time though). And each year you get a bunch of excuses why we were 5-11, 6-10, 7-9, 8-8, like you see above. His ego won't let him be just owner anymore. It's almost as though he can't let go of GM because it proves he can't do it and everyone who said he can't will be proven wrong.

    It's a sad state of affairs in Dallas.
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  14. the playmaker

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    that's the perfect analisys...I agree!
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    Jerry tells KRLD radio show Cowboys' situation 'doesn't call for major changes' during the bye week.

    Losing by 32 and giving up an NFL record 40 first downs and breaking the two week old franchise record for giving up the most yards in Cowboy history doesn't call for major changes? lol.
  16. dupree89

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  17. dstovall5

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    It's a shame play calling duties aren't going to change. That's one of the main reasons holding this offense back, such a vanilla offense that lacks creativity in the called plays. I say let Romo play sand lot football and chuck the ball around. We'd get to see more of the Dez in the slot for a huge gain if that we're the case, but nope ...
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  18. garrett316

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    When will Coach Stephen be chiming in with his two cents?
  19. big dog cowboy

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    Don't know why that is funny. You pick the biggest blowout under Garrett and there is going to be lots of places to point the finger of blame.
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    soon...him and jerry jr. are taking a nap in their baby cribs.

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