Coach K salty after Maryland tops Duke

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Diogenes, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Diogenes

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    Krzyzewski sometime before yesterday's game:

    Coach K after the loss:

    So in one breath, in his perpetually whiny voice, he states that the changing landscape of the NCAA is sad in that rivalries will be lost. Right after the loss, he claims that he sees all games the same and doesn't look at "rivalries."

    If you watched his PGP, you saw a bitter, sullen Coach K who knows that his beloved ACC is in peril. He also knows that if the powers that be in that bojangles conference of his don't make some very wise and shrewd decisions in the next couple of years, that conference could very well fold like cheap tent.

    This loss really stung.

    Yeah, Terps!
  2. WPBCowboysFan

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    Its always great to beat Duke. It was a great game. College Park had to be rocking late into the nite!

    I'll miss the Terps beating up on Duke and Carolina for sure, but its just the reality of college sports today.

    Coach K reminds me of the lil snot nosed tattle tale kid in elementary school who would raise his hand to tell on another kid. Never have liked the lil whiny guy.

    FEAR THE TURTLE!!!!!!!!
  3. ghst187

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    I've always hated Duke and root against them always,...however few in any biz are as classy as coach K, esp those that win as much as he has. What I also respect about him and the program is that they work hard at putting out upstanding young men that can also play basketball. I still don't like Duke, but its hard not the respect the heck out of Coach K and the program.
    I don't really think his above reply was whiny either, it was totally truthful, what did you want him to say?
  4. DFWJC

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    Football greed is killing college athletics.
    But no use harping on the obvious.
    We should all enjoy what we have left before it all becomes officially semi-professional sports.

    Certainly the phrase scholar-athlete is more and more of a rarity.
    Not really blaming just is what it is.

    As for Maryland. Good for them beating Duke.
    Maryland hoops has had some great memories in that conference. Len Bias was one of my all-time favorite players.
    But as an institution--combined athletically and academically--they were certainly in the lower 50% of the ACC.

    So if we're speaking truth....may as well not sugar-coat it.
  5. Diogenes

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    Truthful? Which part? The part about K bemoaning the fact that Maryland is leaving the conference because for financial stability and it will be sad to lose rivalries like that for those reasons?

    Or the part where where he maintains he doesn't "see" rivalries? In the same vein, he also cited the loss of the Syracuse/Georgetown and WVU/Pitt rivalries because of realignment.

    Therefore, it's either a rivalry or it isn't. It can't be both. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth here and class has nothing to do with his remarks.

    So to answer your question, he could start by telling us how he really feels. I'd have a lot more respect for him if he did.
  6. Diogenes

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    Curious as to what paramaters you're using that brings you to the certainty of this conclusion.
  7. DFWJC

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    The debatable part would be the overall athletic dept as reflected by the Director's Cup. They do well there. Event though UofM's football program has been a long time joke, they are actually pretty decent overall in sports.

    Academics--I'm not sure I've ever seen them rated in the top half of the ACC overall. Duke, UVa, UNC, Wake Forest, Ga Tech,..... not easy to do. Even just taking the simple US News ratings, they tend to be near the very bottom in that conference. I supect they end up ahead of Florida St and NC State. That may be it, but I'm not sure though. They have some strong individual programs so its not anythng personal. hey compared to the SEC, they would rule.

    I do know they're getting some great funds for research lately. So that's good news if they make proper use of the funds.
  8. Diogenes

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    Fair enough, as it wasn't a loaded question. The last US News and WR I read had them ranked 8th in the conference academically, ahead of NC State, VA Tech, Florida St. and Clemson.

    Football has suffered in recent years, but historically has been one of the better programs in the conference. Basketball has had it's hiccups here and there, but again historically it's been in the upper echelon of the ACC.

    Since it's obvious that the powers that be in North Carolina want to keep basketball as the primary focus of the conference, I see the addition of Louisville as a win-win for both. Maryland will reap the financial benefits of being in a strong conference that generates a ton of money through football. At the same time, they maintain a strong competitive basketball schedule in a Big 10 conference that is close to on par with the ACC.

    In Louisville the ACC gets a school with a basketball rich tradition and a football program that has been better than Maryland's recently. Although academically I don't think Louisville is on the same level as UMD.

    Solely from a fans perspective I'm going to miss the annual basketball games against Duke and Carolina, whether they considered us a rival or not. :)

    However, I fully understand why Maryland felt it necessary to join the Big 10. It was a no-brainer.
  9. CanadianCowboysFan

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    I see you buy into his hype.

    As William Avery's mom what she thinks of the leader of men.
  10. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Anyway, remember, he doesn't consider Maryland a rival because he seems to lose regularly to the Terrapins. He has to beat you regularly for you to be a rival.
  11. Zordon

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    I don't blame him. It really stinks how college sports have been destroyed the last few years bc of greed.

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