Cody Brown Training For NFL Combine

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    Cody Brown Training For NFL Combine
    The Hartford Courant
    February 17, 2009
    UConn defensive end Cody Brown is writing an occasional diary leading up to the NFL draft April 25-26.

    Things have gotten pretty hectic since I last wrote after the Senior Bowl. Every second since then I've been totally focused on preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine [Wednesday-Feb. 24].

    The Combine is where the top players converge to be poked, prodded, analyzed and tested by NFL coaches, general managers and scouts. I haven't been sitting on the couch. I've been working.

    My coaches and strength staff have been preparing me for the agility drills and position drills that will be tested at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. We have also worked on the bench press and 40-yard dash. I am excited to go work out for the NFL teams. I feel like once they see my athleticism and my times, things will really start to pick up for me.

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    UConn DE Cody Brown's Journal My agents have also been preparing me for what to expect during the Combine weekend. They've given me guidance on typical questions that will come up in interviews and have shown me past Combine results from defensive ends and outside linebackers.

    From what they're saying, teams feel like I could be a first-day draft pick [first two rounds] if I go out and do what I'm capable of doing. They say that some teams see me in the third round, though, at this point, so it's my job to go out and prove why I'm worthy of being one of the top 64 picks.

    Step two of my draft journey is getting closer. Man, I can't wait for the Combine.

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