Cogan's First Cowboys' Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cogan, Apr 20, 2007.

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    1. 22-Justin Harrell, DL, Tennessee, 6-4, 310, 5.05. Harrell can penetrate the backfield, while staying strong against the run. Has a real chance as a pass rusher in Phillips' attacking 'D'. Can also be used as a NT backup, and may be groomed to take over for Fergi.

    2. 57-Manual Ramirez, OG/OC, Texas Tech, 6-3, 325, 5.25. One of the strongest & toughest players in college football. If he can learn to move his feet a little better, he could become a poor man's Larry Allen. Played in a passing offense, yet mauling defensive players in the running game is what he excels at.

    3. 87-Dan Bazuin, OLB, Central Michigan, 6-3, 265, 4.75. Watched Bazuin get 2 1/2 sacks in the East-West Shrine game on his way to DPOG. This guy had 10.5 sacks & 15 TFL in '06, and it was considered a down season for him. That's because his younger brother died before the season, and he also overcame a very serious staff! The season before, he had 16 sacks, & 26.5 TFL his Jr. year. Bazuin has a non-stop motor, and would give Ware & Ellis instant help in the pass-rush dept. Even if he only comes in on 3rd downs, it would be worth the pick.

    4. 122-Anthony Arline, CB, Baylor, 6-2, 200, 4.43. Arline is a big, fast, and athletic corner with great leaping ability. Speed & fluid hips allow him to excel at man-to-man coverage. Good change of direction. All weaknesses can be addressed. I basically see him as a faster Anthony Henry.

    5. 159-Corey Graham, CB/RS, New Hampshire, 6-0, 195, 4.40. Solidifies the CB position, while adding a speedster at the return game.

    6. 195-Allen Barbre, OG/OT, Missouri Southern, 6-4, 310, 5.10. Barbre has been shooting up the boards after each testing shows again his initial quickness, and fast 40s are showing Barbre as one of the faster OT prospects in this class. Is country-strong and solidly built, and shows the ability to dominate at the Div II level. Has a great passion for the game, competes hard, and flashes some violence in his play. Due to his height, may better be served moving to RT or OG.

    6. 200-Laurent Robinson, WR, Illinois St., 6-2, 210, 4.40. Excellent prospect who could pay dividends in a few yrs.

    7. 212-Jacob Ford, DE/OLB, Central Arkansas, 6-4, 250, 4.65. Super pass rusher in the lower levels. Could take a yr. or two to develop, but has the body & closing speed you look for in a PR.

    7. 234-Matt Toeaina, DL, Oregon, 6-2, 300, 5.05. Big, thickly built, naturally strong w/good mass distribution. Plays physical & can control blockers. Outstanding football character. Has the bull strength to push the pocket. Team captain & type who can really push his teammates due to his super competitiveness. (I really like this guy & believe he can back up Ferguson the next couple of yrs., then take over.)

    7. 238-Roy Hall, WR, Ohio St., 6-2, 200, 4.38. Fast, dependable WR who got lost in the super talented OSU receiving corps. Could develop into something special, due to his work ethic, and love of the game.
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    Way to many defensive lineman... and then you have a pass-rush LB on top of it. 4 picks dedicated to DL/LB is too much. Not having a WR chosen before round 6 hurts too.

    Hos will give it a "thumbs down" because you do not draft even a developmental QB. :)

    I do like the two o-lineman though...
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    It's okay though I'd like to see WR addressed earlier. I also think #22 is high for Harrell, more of a early-mid second rounder to me.
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    I'm working on my "Let's Give Hos a Stroke" mock draft, wherein the Boys draft Mason Crosby in the 3rd, then Justin Medlock in the 5th... if I'm feeling particularly medeival, I might throw in Nick Folk in the 7th... :eek:
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    The team's biggest weakness down the stretch last season, and in the playoff game against the Seahawks was its inability to defend the pass. We were averaging way over 300 yds. passing a game after Ellis went down. I know Carpenter started showing up towards the end of the season, and I have faith he has come around, but this team has got to be able to put a lot more pressure on the QB than it did by the end of the year.

    AFA the WR situation, we had two WRs who caught 1,000 yds. or more last yr. Doesn't sound like as immediate a problem than giving up tons of passing yds. Our secondary looked pathetic as well. Taking two CBs in the mid-rounds will bring in some speed & athletism we're missing now. We can stop the run already, but what good is that if we give up the first down on 3rd & long. The great Cowboys teams have always put terrific pressure on the QB, which gave our secondary players the chance to make plays deep.
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    Last time I looked, we had two WRs go over 1,000 yds. last season. Plus, we have Crayton as a third, and the two FA finds from last draft, Miles Austin & Sam Hurd. Austin & Hurd made great strides last yr. &, with each around 6-2, 6-3, 200+ lbs. with speed, they look to be with the club for quite some time. Also, Laurent Robinson is no slouch. Although he played for a lower level program, he tested as good or better than most of the top 12 WRs at the Combine. He reminds many of Austin, but with more speed.

    Harrell a mid second rounder??!! Guess you haven't looked at a draft site lately. Most have him rated right around the #22 spot. He would be a great addition to this team.
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    We have a WR well over 30, coming off a serious hand injury with a history of meltdowns.

    We have another WR well over 30 with a bone on bone condition in his knee.

    We have another WR that is going to be an UFA next year.

    We have two undrafted players that did absolutely NOTHING at WR last year.

    Yep WR isn't a concern at all.:rolleyes:
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    No, he wouldn't... he's a 4-3 DT, we're running a 3-4... now, if you're arguing that he might make a smooth transition to 3-4 DE, I might even agree with that possibility... but I don't really see a need at DE for the Boys right now...

    I'm not saying he's a stiff, or has bust written all over him, in fact I think I see a little Russell Maryland in him... but Russell in his prime wouldn't have been a good fit in the Cowboys' defense these days, either...

    And as others have noted, I think you went a little overboard on the pass rushers there... I happen to think that the players we have on hand will probably step up and make more plays in Wade Phillips' attacking schemes... that's not to say I don't think the Boys should draft ANY pass rushers this year, but spending 4 of 10 picks seems a bit obsessive...

    I'd suggest substituting a late round OL or two for some of those late round pass rushers...

    I've gotta agree with the crowd about the WR issue, too... with Glenn and Owens getting old, and with the INCREDIBLE wealth of talent at WR in this year's draft, adding a wideout at some point in this draft (preferably rather early in the draft) makes perfect sense... the smart team takes advantage of the deepest positions in any draft; this year, that's WR and DB...

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