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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Faerluna, Jan 11, 2011.

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    When the phone rings and I don't recognize the number on the Caller ID I already know that this call is going to end with me hanging up on someone.

    No, I don't want your alarm system for our house and there has not been a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood.

    No, I don't want to contribute to your bogus "charity."

    No, I don't want to upgrade to the Comcast Triple Play.

    No, I don't want to change my TV provider to Verizon Fios.

    Anyone, even a legit business, that calls my house automatically gets a big, fat no for whatever it is they are calling about.

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    Heh, I'm exceptionally rude to anyone who calls my house in any type of cold calling scenario.

    I've been rude as hell to the fire department, police department, republican party, democratic party, christian church, catholic church, mormon church, breast cancer awareness people, tv poll takers, radio poll takers, and many others. My goal is to make them never call my house again.
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    I get the police calling to collect money for a fund for hurt cops. What would you do if they called your house?
  4. Hoofbite

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    Actually, you should look into FIOS.

    Supposed to be top notch stuff.
  5. couchscout

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    Since I have NOOOOOO respect whatsoever for the police, I laugh and tell them not to ever call my house again.
  6. Cowboyslife

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    Do you like the NWA?
  7. Hoofbite

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    Just a wild guess.

    Purely a shot in the dark.

    You've had run-ins with the police before?
  8. Cowboyslife

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    he could just really like the NWA.
  9. Faerluna

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    We were actually going to get FIOS when we moved, but they put us off repeatedly and we had to say forget it and go back to Comcast because I have to have Internet access at home for work.

    Now Comcast has a package with the same top speed, so if we feel like bumping it up, we can just go with Comcast. Plus, since we had turned the Comcast off and then went back, we were "new" customers and got a much better package deal for TV/Internet.
  10. bbgun

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    I'm always getting pestered by my county's firefighter and sheriff associations.
  11. couchscout

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    I've never had any type of serious citation myself (as in nothing more than 1 failure to stop and 1 driving without insurance ticket from when I was 20), but being a bartender for most of my early to mid 20's I saw some terrible things. Because I'm bored, here are a few of those things.

    In the town I lived in back then, there is a thing called "Blaines Picnic", which is more or less like a really small country version of Woodstock. Live music is brought in, it's BYOB and it's an all weekend party. My roommate and I worked all night (i.e. We didn't drink), woke up around noon, went straight over to the picnic (again, no drinking). Him, both of our girls and I were walking down a fairly steep hill, there was some do poo on the ground and he kinda jumped over it. He landed wrong, fell on the ground and before he could even get up the police were there arresting him. They took him to jail and made him sit out the next 36 hours in the drunk tank and never game him a field sobriety test or breathalyzer.

    Later that same year, this young looking kid came to my bar and ordered a drink, he looked really young so I asked to see id. He pulled up his sleeve to show me his wristband that the doorman gave him, I told him I didn't ask to see your wristband, I asked for your id. He got mad and left. At this particular club, we shut off the a/c every night around 1:15 so it would get hot and people would start filing out (we routinely jammed over 2000 people in there). So I got in the habit of taking off my collared shirt as soon as the lights came on, and just wearing my undershirt while cleaning. One of the things this club did that was unusual was we have what they called the "goodbye" line. All the employees lined up on either side of doors and clapped and danced as people were leaving, the real reason for this was so we could have as many eyes as possible watching to make sure no one left with alcohol. I don't dance, so I would go stand just outside the door and BS with the door guys. Sure enough, the angry kid from earlier that night came out of the door and immediately started running his mouth. I never even said one word to the dude. The second he started up the door guys started pushing him out into the parking lot. But, he wouldn't stop acting ridiculous so they police got involved. Before long they were arresting him and found coke on him, etc. Well, a few weeks goes by and all the sudden I'm caught up in this. The arresting officer swore under oath he saw me take off my shirt and instigate the whole thing. Thankfully, we were constantly on video while working, and I took off my shirt that night standing right under the camera. The officer didn't even get in trouble for blatantly lying on the stand.

    One of my very first nights working at this club, this guy was walking up to my bar, and another guy was laughing with his buddies and took a step backward while laughing, causing the other guy walking up to my bar to trip. Again, the officer grabbed him up and started hauling him out of there and was trying to arrest him without any type of sobriety test. I talked to my manager and got the whole situation handled, but it was still completely ridiculous.

    Another night, one of our barbacks was "marrying" two bottles of non-alcoholic blue curacao, when a TABC officer grabbed him and handcuffed behind the bar and escorted him outside in front of everyone. Now, it is against the law to pour liquor from one bottle to another in a bar, but this was not liquor, and both he and I tried telling the officer that. He didn't listen, he was so intent on getting a bust that night. Again, it took the manager going out there with the bottle shoving in this idiot cops face for him to finally realize he was making a mistake.

    This is probably the worst one. A friend and I went to a convenience store at around 3am (again, bartender so I was always up late), he stayed in the car while I went inside. They didn't have what I was looking for (case of Dr. Pepper that was already cold) so I got back in the car and drove off. My friend informs me when I get back in the car that the officer that was in the car I parked next to immediately got out of his car when I went inside and walked behind the car to run my plates. I pretty much just laughed because he could run my plates all he wants, I have nothing to hide. We went around the corner to another store and I got the DP I was craving. As I'm driving back, I look up and this cop is following me, at 3am, with no lights on. Not the lights on top of his car, NO HEADLIGHTS!!! This cop is breaking the law while following me about to pull me over. He throws on his lights and his overhead lights and pulls me over. My driveway was literally another 25 yards from where he hit his lights so I just pulled into my driveway. We spend the next hour outside being talked down to by these two cops while they search my car and repeatedly ask us, "where is the weed, where is the meth?" They won't let us go inside, won't let me text or even hold my phone in my hand (which I understand the reasoning behind btw). After an hour of searching and even trying to make a big deal out of a candy bag that was in car, they finally leave and tell us to keep our noses clean. It should be noted that I do not drink (been drunk once in my life, might have taken 20 drinks in my whole life) I've never done a single drug, and I'm completely a law abiding citizen. So it's not like I hate cops because I'm constantly afraid they will bust me.

    And last, this happened 4 days ago, and I was considering making a post about it here, but decided against it. I left the office during the day to go grab some food, I have a fridge in the film room, so I usually go to the grocery store and stock up on snack type foods so I can spend more hours watching film. I get myself parked, and by pure coincidence, an old roommate of mine from almost 12 years ago parked next to me. I hadn't seen him in at least 8 years. We sat there and talked for about a minute, when a policeman pulled up, rolled down his window and asked what we were doing. I flung around and said "you wanna explain to me how that is any of your business?" He looked a little dumbfounded and then rolled up his window and drove away.
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    Well now when the Secret Service association gives you a call. You know what to do.
  13. Dallas

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    NRA? Is that what you meant?

    NWA= Northwest Airlines or that awesome Hip Hop group from the 80's whom I can't say the name here w/o being throttled.


    umm National Weather Assoc?

    National Wrestling Alliance?

    Are you thinking they are just RABID for some wrasslin?

    BTW: I just ask them not to call me again and take me off the list. Thanks but no thanks w/ anyone calling me. This rarely happens though because I don't use my land line ever but its the one I use on any document I place a phone number on.

    The only people I want to talk to have my cell phone number. I screen every call on my land line line via voicemail. If it's important they will leave a message. If I consider it really important, I will call them back.

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    The next time I see Clint Hill at a book signing, I'll slip him a twenty. ;)
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    :lmao2:Good one! I think that tops me asking the cop if he is sure he pulled over the right car for speeding. I was driving an anniversary edition Mustang GT convert at the time. I didn't get a ticket either. :D
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    It is the Bee's Knees. I have it for phone and internet. I am currently getting the 25Mbit up/down service. Every couple of years when my contract is up I increase the speed to whatever the best speed is without increasing my bill. Fast as all getout, and reliable. The only time I have a problem is when I am jacking around with my own router and mess something up. If/when I ever move to a new city, FIOS will be at the top of the list of considerations.
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    Blue Curaco is absolutely a liquor! Technically it's a "liqueur", but it is most CERTAINLY a beverage that contains alcohol.
  19. Cover 2

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    He said non-alcoholic in the post.
  20. 5Stars

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    Goe here

    It's free and you can register your phone number and cell phone. If I remember, you can register up to 5 phone numbers.

    I registered three years ago, and I have not had one call from anyone soliciting me for anything. It's a Government program, and after you register, it might take a week or so, but the call will stop.

    Then, if you do get calls from someone that tries to sell you someting, you can report them to the same web site, and that company can get fined big time.

    Try, every time my phone rings, I know it's someone that I son't mind calling me.

    It works!!


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