Cole Beasley taking over the slot

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Feb 3, 2014.

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    I've always been a Cole Beasley fan, more so than most others who wrote him off early.

    I think that if Cole Beasley can take over in the slot full time, we're going to see him quickly become Romo's favorite target.

    Beasley only played in 14 games this year. An example in my opinion of a coaching staff that isn't up to par. He improved as the year went on, but I don't think he was ever used as a larger part of the offense because of it.

    He got 9 targets against Minnesota, but that was his season high. After that game he never received more than 4 targets.

    I'm really hoping that Scott Linehan can change this. I'm not saying Cole Beasley should get 160 targets, but he needs to be properly utilized to move the chains more effectively. The guy had 20 first downs on 39 receptions.

    The reality is that even those Dez didn't get enough passes, he probably got too much attention for how many times we passed. This makes his job much more difficult. You have to punish teams if they want to take Dez away, and we didn't do that enough.

    You use Beasley more, and you're going to see the offense flourish. 4 targets a game just doesn't cut it. You have to make a defense think, and you're not doing that if you aren't utilizing multiple pieces, especially hard to stop pieces like Beasley.

    Right now the defensive gameplan against us is to stop Dez Bryant, and hope that we don't run the ball... And guess what... it works enough.
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    He does bring something to the position that the others don't - extreme quickness. I would like to see him put on 10 lbs of muscle and still keep his speed. Great post Beast. I love this kid and he should continue to improve. The more weapons you bring to the table the better chance you have at being successful.
  3. TheFinisher

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    If Beasley becomes Romo's favorite target something has gone terribly wrong
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  4. Idgit

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    We've got slot options. What we don't have without Miles is a guy who can play the Y, or even the X and get a S to roll coverage deep if either of Dez or Williams goes down. If they can man up on your outside WR and not worry about it too much, it makes things a lot tougher inside for everything else we really like to do. It's why we were trying to add a tall speed WR in the worst way at the end of 2012 (and everybody couldn't understand what we were doing), and it's why we drafted a WR relatively high last year (again, to the complaints of some). It's something Garrett obviously wants to have, along with his 2 TE sets.

    It wouldn't shock me to see us take a tall WR with some speed again in the middle rounds if there's one who's a good value who falls to us, honestly. I don't really want to go into the season next year with Harris or a CFA as our backup option at wideout.
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  5. TheCount

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    It'll never happen. He can't sell jerseys running 10 yard routes, so we'll never commit to him.
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  6. chicago JK

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    He will need to fight for a roster spot next year (and every year after). He is good in the niche he was in last year but I am not sure if he can expand his role. Add to the fact he does not play special teams and he could be in a numbers game. Especially considering how good Harris is in the return game.

    I like him, but I think he is going to be in a battle each year to make it out of camp due this his limitations in everything except the role he was in this year.
  7. LatinMind

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    IMO Dallas has problems if Austin is released and nobody is brought in to replace him. Harris and Beasley are good slot WRs, but they cant play the outside. They dont have the height, speed or ability IMO. In the slot they are good because the slot is usually off the WR and they have that space to move. Dallas needs to draft a WR who is able to play outside. Guys like Martavis Bryant, Mike Davis, Josh Huff, Devin Street, Jeff Janis all middle round WRs that have height and can play the outside if needed. My favorite is Bryant, 6'5 and should run a 4.3 40, blocks downfield as Dallas likes its WRs to do, and is a nightmare in the redzone. Bu the thing with him is he can stretch the field with his speed. something Dallas needs.
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  8. xwalker

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    With Austin likely gone, Beasley does not have much competition for the slot job. I'm sure Harris will get some snaps there, but he'll have to be better as a WR than he was last season to unseat Beasley in the slot. This could be the year they really run more 2 TE sets which would limit the opportunities for the 3rd WR.

    They do need to add another WR. Who is the backup on the outside if Austin is cut?
  9. khiladi

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    Don't know how Linehan will change this unless the playbook changes. It use to be TO took away from spreading the ball. Then it was Romo targeting Witten too much.
  10. DoctorChicken

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    I do think Linehan will improve the passing game.

    Well he better, because we'll be passing on like every play.

    But if he could use Beasley more, I'd be all for it. He would fit a Welker-like role nicely.
  11. dogberry

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    It only costs $400K to keep Miles. Unless we are confident that his replacement has been found, hold on to him.

    I wouldn't throw to him on third down.
  12. xwalker

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    No, it costs 5.5M.

    Teams don't just make decisions based on the current year's cap. They look at the future years also. Keeping Austin adds 5.5M to the cap when you consider all years.

    Also, making him a June 1st cut would free up 5.5M in 2014.
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  13. Galian Beast

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    Williams replaces Austin on the outside.

    You could probably go with 4 maybe 5 receivers if you're rolling with two tight ends.

    In the case of 4 you would have


    My guess is that would be too light, and we'll bring someone in who can play the outside.
  14. xwalker

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    My question is was who is the backup to Dez and Williams on the outside?
  15. Galian Beast

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    You either wouldn't have one, or you would pick someone up to be the 5th receiver. Either way not a big deal if you have a two tight end system.

    Patriots played inside receivers all year on the outside, and didn't even have both tight ends.
  16. cowboy_ron

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  17. reddyuta

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    I am sorry but we should not be depending on Beasley to man a key spot,guys so small are a big hit away from IR.He should be used as he is right now and it is a perfectly acceptable role for him.
  18. xwalker

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