Cole Beasley, WR, SMU

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JPostSam, Apr 29, 2012.

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    I have watched most of his games over the past 2 years. He is a baller, and someone that I hoped would end up in Dallas. He is a poor man's Wes Welker. He has reliable hands, is slippery after the catch, and was SMU's go-to guy in clutch situations. I think he will make the team, eventually.
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    Can't wait for camp to start.

    PS I hate when people add stupid music to videos.
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    How would you say he compares to Danny Coale? Serious question.
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    Here's hoping that Cole and Coale will turn into diamonds...... and not among trash. ;)
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    I want to know about that, too.

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    Like I said in another thread, he was my QB in high school. I started LT and NT. He's small and shifty. More quick than fast. Excellent hands. Could be used on trick plays as he has nice deep accuracy, or at least he did back in high school.
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    Looks like a good college WR who can catch a ball when he's wide open and then get caught from behind to me. What am I not seeing?

    Beasley doesn't even look like is in the same class with Coale. Coale adjusts to the ball well and catches it even in double coverage because he's where he's supposed to be. He gets caught from behind, too (I don't buy 4.37 when you see him running in pads), but he looks like a definite NFL caliber player.

    Note, this is all from watching both of these guys on highlight reels, so there's obviously a lot I could be missing.
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    I can't see how he makes the team after they drafted Coale and w/ Harris already on the roster. Maybe PS.

    Assuming we carry six at the position, I see Austin, Bryant and Coale as locks, and Harris very likely to make the team. I think they'll give Holmes every opportunity to make the team after the way Jerry's talked him up in the off season. That leaves one more spot which will most likely go to either Radway or Ogletree.
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    The way I see it with the Coal boys, you have to look at the little rock that burns...

    ...coal is a rock that is a long time in the making. It takes some effort to get it started, but once lit, don't touch it or it will burn your hand. The heat coming from it is long lasting as long as you continue to fan the flames. And, the heat from one piece of coal can ignite others as well....

    Cole and Coale, once ignited, could be the "spark" in our offense...
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    Posting snips from this article here. Read the whole article at link below.

    Small stature doesn't prevent SMU receiver Cole Beasley from standing tall

    By KATE HAIROPOULOS Staff Writer khairopoulos@**************
    Published: 25 November 2011 08:59 PM

    UNIVERSITY PARK — SMU senior slot receiver Cole Beasley will — good-naturedly — bust his teammates’ and coaches’ chops for just about anything.
    To receivers coach Jeff Reinebold, the ribbing is mostly predictable.
    “Getting the ball,” Beasley said. “I’m always talking about getting the ball more.”
    Consider it a symptom of Beasley’s hyper-competitiveness, which is part of what’s put the Little Elm product in the top three on SMU’s career lists for catches (241) and receiving yards (2,815). At 5-9, 175 pounds, Beasley is used to surpassing expectations.
    “He looks in the mirror … and he doesn’t see a rug rat, he sees a player,” Reinebold said. “That’s why he can go out there and compete. He’s just going to.”

    Beasley leads Conference USA in receptions per game (7.2) and is second in yards receiving per game (89.6).

    Beasley has taken advantage of playing the slot in SMU’s Run and Shoot, which allows smaller players to thrive. He’s deceivingly athletic, however, with the quickness and intelligence to make fast decisions, run in traffic and get in and out of small windows of space, Reinebold said.

    Beasley, despite his size, has been able to dunk a basketball since he was a freshman in high school, where he played quarterback under his father, Mike Beasley.

    Cole, though, said he knew if he wanted to play in college, he’d have to switch positions because of his size. His arrival at SMU coincided with that of coach June Jones and the Run and Shoot. Beasley’s history of studying defenses as a coach’s son helped him quickly pick up the complicated offense and earn a starting spot immediately.

    SMU added a new wrinkle in recent weeks, with Beasley in the “Wildcat,” in which he takes direct snaps. The most successful instance resulted in a 2-yard touchdown run in the Nov. 12 loss to Navy.

    Jones said he believes Beasley will have the opportunity going forward to open NFL scouts’ eyes, particularly those whose teams use offenses in which smaller receivers, such as New England’s Wes Welker, can thrive. Beasley likes to watch Welker because of their similarities.
    “Really, for me,” Beasley said, “It’s all about getting a chance.”

  12. CATCH17

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    He just lacks top end speed. He'll get open but he wont just leave everyone when he gets a step.

    Still he should be a fun guy to watch.
  13. Future

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    I think he looks slower. They probably have comparable hands/ability to get open, but Coale looks quicker, which will really help him at the NFL level.
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    Coale is definitely faster... I hate how every white receiver who's shorter than 6'1" gets compared to Wes Welker. But Cole Beasley is the best comparison to Welker I've seen in a few years. Beasley is probably in the 4.50 range, give or take a couple hundredths, while Coale is probably 4.40 range. They're both pretty similar but like SMU guy said above. Beasley is an explosive athlete. He's only 5'8" but had a 38 inch vert at his pro day. For the record, the shorter you are the less power you generate because your range of motion is in contact with the ground for less amount of time. I think Cole at 4 inches taller jumped 3-4 inches less at the Combine. So in terms of a jump ball situation they will be about even, assuming they both know how to time it perfectly.

    Really, what it's going to come down to against these two guys is the mental aspect of the game. Who's going to have that "it" factor.

    Who knows? They might end up both doing great and winning the 3rd and 4th receiver spots as rookies. Can only hope for the best!

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