Colorado OL Ryan Miller, who says most scouts view him as a future right tackle.

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    Broken bones, stretched ligaments and tendons, myriad bumps and bruises, thousands of hours on the practice fields and even more time in the weight room. It's hard to believe Ryan Miller endured it all for a sport he once hated.

    The former Colorado offensive lineman is just a few months away from his opportunity to make a nice living playing football in the National Football League.

    Miller was the only Buff -- from a class of 28 seniors -- invited to the NFL Scouting Combine later this month in Indianapolis. He is preparing for that three-day torture test of workouts and interviews with all 32 franchises at Velocity Sports Performance in Irvine, Calif., under the direction of his agents at Athletes First.

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    He's my pet cat for swing tackle. Both my brother and brother in law went to CU, and I follow them pretty closely. He played tackle all through high school and has the frame and feet to play it again.

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