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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ColtsAddai06, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Hello Cowboy fans,

    First of all, I want to say congrats on your season so far and with your new QB Romo, who has looked really good his first few starts.

    I can not help but see how some of your fans bring up the close games the Colts have played this year. I think I would rather have my team win close games than lose them, like other teams do and then have to fight for a playoff spot the rest of the season.

    Also, I really wouldn't bring up the Colts close wins when the games your Cowboys have won against teams with a combined record of 13-31. The Colts 40-41.

    Now, I'm not here trying to talk smack because I believe than you have a really good team...and you have as much a shot of knocking the Colts down a knotch as any team. But, when you bring up teams like the Titans (our division rival) and how they held the Colts close really has no merit. Your division rivals are supposed to play you tougher than any other team in the NFL... You should know that by the losses you have to NYGiants, Philadelphia and Washington. Their record doesn't matter... it doesn't matter how bad a team they are. They are always your biggest threat... especially when your team is still fighting for the division (which the Colts haven't won yet). You do not have to look any further than two years ago when the Jaguars were in position to take the final wildcard spot but lost to the Texans. They've dropped two games to the Texans this year and it could cost them again. Does that make the Texans a better team than the Jaguars? No! That would be like saying the Redskins were better than your Cowboys because they won. Any team can win on Any Given Sunday. It all comes down to execution and making little mistakes.

    The Colts made big mistakes in their win against Buffalo... they turned the ball over more than once... allowing the Bills to stay close in that game. The Bills also had a really good game plan... but, in the end... they failed to convert those mistakes by the Colts into points. Whose fault is that? Not the Colts. Also, to suggest that the missed fieldgoal would have been the deciding factor in that game is crazy. The Colts had plenty of time to score and it looked like they were going to but Peyton took the knee. Were the Colts overlooking the Bills for the Cowboys?? I doubt it. They can not afford to overlook any team much less an AFC team when they have the Ravens, Broncos and Chargers riding their tail for the first round bye in the playoffs. They just made mistakes... but, they still won. Good teams learn to overcome mistakes and win games.

    Now, our defense. Yes, our run defense is really bad... but, you know what I love... how everyone is willing to give the Patriots their pass last year because they had so many injuries on defense... but, oh no!! Not the Colts. The Colts have been without Sanders most of the season until the week we played the Patriots. We have been without Simon, Doss and Reagor... three players that were a big part of our defense last year. But, like I said... good teams move on... and learn to win when they are suffering injuries. The Colts have done that.

    Now, can the Colts be beaten? Yes! By the Cowboys? We will see! I do not expect the Colts to go undefeated... It is nearly an impossible thing to do.

    But, I wanted to stop by and wish your team luck and I hope for a hard fought game with no injuries on either end!

    GO Colts!
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    we appreciate your gratitude, now go away. You are the Enemy this weekend
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    No doubt about it the Colts are the top team in the NFL and will take a very well played game by Dallas to have a shot at winning this game. I look forward to the test that is ahead for Dallas.
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    Nobody told the Cardinals and Eagles that years ago when they were both in the East. :p:

    Yep, if the Dolphins can beat the Bears and the Browns can beat Atlanta, we have a chance. :)

    Let me ask you... Do you think Sanders will play?
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    :welcome: to the forum. I hope win or lose you'll stop by after the game too.
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    I don't think we are bringing up close games to compare them to close games we've played, just to bring up the fact that the super Colts can be beaten. It takes gameplan and execution. We will have the gameplan, can we execute? I don't know. I do know this team will not quit, and therefore you can expect a dogfight.

    Are yer dogs ready? Ours are.
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    sorry colts fan.....this is the week you come back to reality...
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    You can afford a loss this week Colts fan.
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    So you bring up the records of teams we've beaten... then in the next paragraph you bring up how much harder it is to win against division opponents. Well 3 of our 4 losses have come to division opponents. Makes sense:confused:

    Lots of things go into winning close games... and only an idiot would rather lose close games than win them. In our close games, we lost on a pick six at the end of the game, and a blocked FG/15 yard facemask/career long FG by a 2nd year guy. These things tend to even out, and this team is due for a breakthrough. If we do it this week... WATCH OUT!!
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    The thing that impresses me is how the Colts' opponents, good teams like the Jags and Jets, very good teams like the Pats and Broncos seem to have a fear of your team running up a huge score, and call their plays according to that fear instead of just playing their game.

    The Jags and Pats had no problem moving the ball against your defense, but tried long passes that got intercepted. Both those teams were averaging 4.5 yards per rush in those games.

    The Jets had a 4th down at the Colts two, passed up the FG, went for it and threw an INT in the end zone, and lost the game by 3 points.

    Denver had a 3rd and 12 deep in their own territory, and was so afraid of punting the ball back to the Colts, they tried a pass, got sacked, and fumbled it away, setting up the Colts at Denver's 12-yard line. The Colts score the TD and win by 3 points.

    It seems like there's a mystique about your team that prompts opponents into thinking they're in a desperate situation, when it often turns out the situation wasn't so desperate after all, and if they'd just stuck with what was working and taken fewer risks, they'd have won.

    I'm looking forward to a great game that isn't determined by mistakes, because chances are, the mistakes would be ours and not the Colts.
  12. HighTechDave

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    probably the best point made all week
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    aside from the congratulations of a good season (we are sucking so far, really) i enjoyed your post. hopefully this is the week we play well and defeat a good team. injuries are part of the game, and anyone who says luck doesn't play a part hasn't watched the games we've lost to the Skins... We do have a good chance of winning - it usually comes down to who wants it more. this is not a must-win for either team, but it is a game that should be watched by teams in both conferences. it is possibly a preview of the next Super Bowl!!!!! GO COWBOYS!!!!!!
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    Just curious but how the heck did you find this forum Coltsaddai06?
  15. Sam I Am

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    The Cowboys are quite a bit better than the Bills and Titans. I expect a great game. I expect to see Manning make some plays, but I also expect him to have some trouble. The Colts defense won't only see the best offense they've faced this year, they will also face the most complete offense they've faced thus far.

    I think Manning, Wayne, and Harrison are first line talent. After that there are several very good players in Freeney among a few others. I don't think the Colts will have enough to hold off the Cowboys providing the Cowboys don't shoot themselves in the foot. (as they have done several times this year) I think they are starting to get over that and that doesn't bode well for the Colts.
  16. StevenOtero

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    Yes you have injuries that negatively affects your run defense. We just lost Greg Ellis, which may negatively affect our run defense. But at the end of the day, it's who's on the field that matters. I believe Dallas' run offense is superior to Indy's run defense, and conversely, I believe Dallas' run defense is superior to Indy's run offense. That's the two edged sword that Dallas holds in its hand in this game. If the Cowlbys use that sword effectively against the Colts then the Cowboys will control the clock and the game; and we both know how easily the Colts - Manning, really, - stuggle when they are being controlled.

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    We're gonna be all over your team like a rat on a cheeto!
  19. juck

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    Ahh either way the colts are a below .500 team minus one man,and in the end we all know they lose every year in the playoffs,and that one man chokes.o wait,"protection problems"
  20. Vintage

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    You can say that about a lot of teams.

    Brady and NE.
    Manning and Indi.
    Hell, without Romo, where do you think we'd be at right now?

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