Come on guys Davis helps but we still have problems

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by STSINAZ, Mar 10, 2007.


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    Columbo was a bit of a problem last year IMO...Witten had to help out way too much.

    Kosier got laid out several times too....and Gurode still knows how to wiff on his man.

    Same thing with Flozell....he gets beat by speed too much.

    While I think we are improved with Davis at Guard I do believe that we are not as great as the homers may say. You can see a homer a mile a way....they have been posting....Oh our Line is going to be they watch the games last year?

    IMO I would say our line went from a 6.5 to a 7.25.
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    No offense, but do you ever hav anything positive to say?? There is not ONE lineman in the league that don't get beat at some point. Flo struggled early in the year but mid -late he was very good, colombo did a great job on the right side. Andre G.. was about as good at center as anyone last year and Kyle did a decent to good job,, Rivera was the only player from that line that was consistantly beat and he has been replaced. Our line went from Average to Good with the potential to be VERY good. and getting Davis is a huge plus to play RG.
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    As usual you are wrong. Witten/Fasano spent most of their time helping out the Hotel untill he got back into shape. They did not have to help Colombo much. Kosier was very solid later in the year once he got used to everybody and how they played. Gurode was solid as well. I would say with Davis we are maybe a top 10 line with room to improve(right at #10). Kosier will have another TC to get used to working with every one; and Columbo will have another offseason to get stronger- and he is still learning; remember he only has about 20-22 total starts. Davis will have to learn to work with Gurode and Colombo and that might take a few games- but he is an experienced pro and SHOULD do well.I could see this line maybe reaching as high at #7 or 8.
    KC's line is deteriorating fast- Black as a tackle was mediocre at best and everyone else there is going down hill. There are really only about 4-5 lines that are CLEARLY better then ours. Or should be if things work out. Colts, SD are the two best right now; Seattle took a bigger then expected hit losing Hutchinson; Philthy is good; The Pats of course; Denver is very solid; CInci is going to have to make up for losing Steinbach. Colts, SD, Pats, Denver, Philthy are the only ones I can think of that are CLEARLY better then what we have. There are 4-6 other teams that are probably better but its close.
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    That oline that you're talking about had us in the Top 10 in offense and Top 3 in scoring. Thats damn good for a offensive line. Every olinemen gets beat sometimes or flattened every now and then. Davis brings alot to this olinemen and Colombo will have another year under his belt. So yes, this oline can be very DOMINANT this year... You can't get those kind of numbers without a very good oline, it all starts up front....
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    Sure, this isn't a perfect OL.

    But it is likely to be the best OL that the Cowboys have had since Chan Gailey was head coach.
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    And possibly one of the best in the league this year.. This oline is BIG and PHYSICAL.....

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    STSINAZ Active Member

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    WE COULDNT RUN THE BALL...THE NFC IS WEAK...take everything into account...tony romo was running for his life at the end of the year when the competition got better...bledsoe was getting laid out in the beginning.
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    This is a horrible thread; such.. a negative outlook.

    To all of you who think Witten's catches went down due to helping Colombo - quit copying what another moron said. Witten's catches went down due to the presence of 2 1,000 yard receivers - and 1 1,000 yard rusher. Colombo was a solid lineman - and had a nice, long streak of no sacks, and no holding calls.

    Kosier is very serviceable, and will get better due to a season under his belt with Flo, and Guorde.

    Davis and Colombo have me excited. I'm really looking forward to this year - because we honestly have the size/stregnth up front to run to the left, or the right - at will.
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    i thought kosier was solid.. everybody that plays o-line gets blown up a play or two..everyone..

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    COLOMBO is an ok tackle but he is not great...Davis is going to do very well at guard....gurode will be good one week and then the next he will not...thats his history...go by the history dont go by the homerism...take those glasses off and you get far as Kosier...he got pushed back more than I would have liked to see....remember we couldnt run the ball when we needed to last year against good teams...dont forget that
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    Now this is some trolling.
  15. Mansta54

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    Dude you're not worth the time. You're outlook and mission is OBVIOUS.. Have fun with whoever wants to debate with you. I've read several of you post and they're all consistently, NEGATIVE... :shootme:
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    I'm pretty pessimistic by nature but you have me beat by a wide margin.

    The points scored by this offense prove that you're way over the edge.

    The numbers that Rich shares with us prove that you've way over the edge.

    The only real POS on the line was Rivera and he's gone now.

    I suggest you do a rethink on this offense line stuff.
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    The guy is flatout RIDICULOUS!!!!
  18. Mansta54

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    He's clueless!!!

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    they are reality...they are all not negative,,,i said davis would do well at guard

    Flozell can handle things here and there but not always...just stating what is really going on and i am getting blasted...its funny truthfully
  20. the kid 05

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    ok did you find out your girl left you 5 times for the line men? honestly why do you nagg on our o-line so bad?

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