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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by EveryoneElse, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I was listening to the hurd wed. morning and Cowpatty was going off the handle about the talking heads, and how they have deemed the NFC East the best division in the NFL. He happens to think it's the AFC North, I believe, Pittm Cincy, Cleveland, and Baltimore.

    Well, he also went on to say that Dallas is GOING to implode, and he can't wait....he's going to enjoy it.

    This guy is a tool, he also went off on a rant about Tom Cruise' daughter, swears it's a doll with a wig, not a real baby....wen't on with that for what seemed like the whole show.

    Myself, I can't wait to throw this in his face, he will be flooded with emails.

    Whatta tool.
  2. calico

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    the guys is an idiot. He only exists to create problems to get ratings. His takes on college football last year were a laugh riot.
  3. jman

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    Geeze, so what. You want to hear Dallas will implode talk, you can do it on local radio on 103.3 ESPN radio with Galloway. He's said the same thing. It will happen and he cannot be more giddy about it.
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    Well first I have only listened to this guy once and my general assumption of him was that he was a poor mans jim rome, and he is very hard to understand, sounds like he has something in his mouth.

    Secondly, all you people who listen to him should call and remind him that he is not on the air in the Dallas Fort Worth area so no one cares what he thinks.

    Please tell him here in DFW we have norm hitzges, a smart legendary broadcaster and do not need a jim rome rip off to do nothing but rip on people..
  5. Bob Gray

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    Note to Cowhurd:

    Ditch your high pitched girly laugh.
  6. dbair1967

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    Cowturd is a full of himself one poster noted he is kinda a Jim Rome wannabe (for whatever reason, Rome is a loser too)

    he has alot of really stupid takes (for instance, the Falcons will be 14-2 this yr and Mike Vick will be the regular season and super bowl MVP, he is in absolute love with Vick)....he will defend him until there is no tomorrow and when he gets someone on (an NFL guy) and he has a differing opinion (such as noting that his passing skills are awful) he will immediately change the subject

    we get him on here in Atlanta from 10-1 and its 3 hours of mostly mindless drivel...the only good things about his show are the guests

  7. peplaw06

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    I can't wait either... I can't wait until little Suri Cruise-Holmes is proven to in fact exist, so I can throw it in his face, and flood his inbox with emails... :D
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    Cow herd is more of a radio talk guy than a sports guy. His knowledge of football and everything else he talks about is poor. He is an idiot.
  9. NotReally

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    One of my favorite all time clips is of Jim Rome getting punked on his own show by Jim Everett.
  10. HTownCowboysFan

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    He's actually doing his show from 790 in Houston today and attending a UT/OSU party and remote with 790 this PM at BW3's in midtown. I was thinking about going, but he sucks, so nah.

    I like Charlie Palillo though.

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