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    I have been a viewer more than a poster for some time now, but I need to get this off my chest. I don't want to come off sounding like a jerk here, but I think the signature image size is a bit excessive. I don't care to see someone’s huge photo after every one of their posts. It really makes the whole viewing experience annoying.

    Can there not be some place for these people to post their images other than after each remark? :confused:

    In memory of signatures….What is with this??? No one likes to be driving down the highway and see someone’s makeshift memorial. It's creepy and that is why we have cemeteries. In many states this is illegal because it's so freakish and abnormal, but we have people on here that have huge gifs of people that are gone that no one knows and I am sure most people don't want to see some image of this person after each post.

    It’s just annoying and really makes the whole site look like a 5th grade project. I post on many BBS and this is the only one that allows this kinda stuff.
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    We've actually now restricted the size of sigs... so it is not as it once was...

    You can go to the User Control Panel... then under "Edit Options" you can scroll down and turn the "View Signatures" feature off...

    I know several do this...
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    thanks...will do

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