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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. CATCH17

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    During Cowboys games I wait for something to go wrong every time they break the huddle.
  2. hipfake08

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    With the differance being our QB looks to throw first run as last resort.
    Theirs runs and throws in equal measuers.
  3. 187beatdown

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    Yeah we get it Catch. LOL You're allowed to post other things you know?

    I don't quite get the Denver comparisons though. Denver is coming off an AFC championship appearance, and we have missed the playoffs for 3 years and counting now.
  4. CATCH17

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    Sorry but it just sucks that I have to keep myself in check because I know how this team likes to disapoint.

    There is no reason not to have a big season this year.
  5. Yakuza Rich

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    1. Peyton Manning is head and shoulders above Romo.

    2. The NFC East is head and shoulders above the AFC West.

  6. Doomsday101

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    Manning may be head and shoulders compared to Romo but then again Manning vs the Cowboys has not been in his favor with a 2-2 record while throwing 7 TD and 7 Ints with one of his lowest QB rating of 85.4
  7. iceman117

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    Denver will get better play out of their quarterback (not by as much as most would think though). They also have the edge in the receiving core with Thomas/Welker/Decker over Dez/Austin/Williams but i think that is also closer than most people would think. Dallas has a big advantage in TE and RB. Their Offensive line is a little better on the interior but i think almost a wash on the outside at tackle. So i'd give them the edge on the o-line. So i'd say it's pretty close a lot closer than most people think but I'd give them a slight edge on offense.

    I think we have a better D-line (sounds crazy? well it's not and I'm talking about even when Von Miller comes back) I think they have nice linebackers but I like ours better and the secondary is pretty much a wash because we are better at corner and they are better at safety.... so I think Dallas actually gets the edge defensively.... sounds crazy i know but it's really not if think about it....

    overal we are right there with them..... In my opinion
  8. Ntegrase96

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    Their secondary is better than ours-- the CBs are a wash. Champ, DRC and Harris are equal to, if not better than Carr, Claiborne, and Scandrick. Really, right now I'm leaning towards 'better' since we don't really know where Claiborne stands right now.

    Von is like a young Ware so I'd say they have the better premier pass rusher at the time as well.

    Their offensive line is probably better and they'll receive better QB play with pretty equivalent receiving options.

    The only clear edge we have is our stable of half backs.

    I don't think breaking the two teams down is the way to go though. It's about the result on the field. So while, yeah, we may look like we're pretty close on paper, we'll just have to wait and see. One team is coming off two playoff appearances (and a 13-3 record) and we're coming off 3 straight post season-less years. I'll still give the Broncos a clear edge overall.
  9. dstovall5

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    Give Romo that team and he'll at least win ONE play off game, heck even Tebow lead them to a playoff game.C'mon Peyton, you're suppose to be the "GOAT". :D

    /my hating on manning
  10. 187beatdown

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    DRC was far worse last season than our top 3 corners.
  11. Nation

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    Peyton is better than Romo. I think Peyton's chokejobs don't get nearly as much play as Romo's, and that Peyton would be killed by our fanbase for so many one-and-done's. But you can't compare the bodies of work fairly, Peyton is a first ballot Hall of Famer.

    Denver also has the benefit of playing in probably the worst division in the NFL. The team with the #1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft is probably the second best team in his division.
  12. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Here is the difference just imagine if the cowboys were in the AFC west or east . We would easily win those divisions . The difference is the broncos will coast through and easily win it . Last year when they played a tough physical team in Baltimore they got smacked . In the NFC east we all beat each other up pretty bad . It's an absolute toss up . Ask anyone who is going to win afc west or afc east this year ? 99 % will give you the same answer .
  13. Ntegrase96

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    I'm not so sure about that. Carr was better for sure. Scandrick did his job of covering the slot better for a shorter period of time. But DRC was probably better than Claiborne.

    DRC has been on the downturn since ARI traded him so I'm not going to pretend like he's far and away better than anyone. But overall his numbers are better than Claiborne. Granted I've yet to watch his film because he's just not that interesting, but he was tight on Bryant in our meetings.

    Both Bailey and Harris had better years than our guys.
  14. Risen Star

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    You mean a team with a first ballot hall of fame and Super Bowl winning QB that was one hail mary away from possibly playing in a Super Bowl last year is getting more respect than the downtrodden Dallas Cowboys?

  15. texbumthelife

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    Denver has another teams starting QB hanging from their stadium.
  16. Hoofbite

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    Perhaps people expect them to be a top team in the AFC because they were a top team in the AFC last year.

    That not possible?
  17. FiveRings

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    Denver was a throw away from making the Super Bowl, we were 8-8
  18. KB1122

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    Their quarterback is old. It's one thing to rack up yardage against the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers and another thing to beat playoff teams.
  19. mrmojo

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    Until we make some noise and actually get in the playoffs we can't compare ourselves to Denver.
  20. KB1122

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    IF you want to find out who will win the Super Bowl, the first step is to take all the teams that have a quarterback between ages 26 and 34 and put those teams in one pile. Toss the rest.

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