Competition at a lot of positions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Smith22, Apr 28, 2013.

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    I don't think the point was to replace anyone. I think they want to have great competition to most positions on the team and see who responds the best.

    I say this on occasion and it never gets a comment. But players learn as much or more from each other as they do their position coaches. And that includes who they play against on Sunday. It takes awhile but the more talent you add the more it begets. Eventually you get a base that is large enough to elevate all those who can and will. Then you kind of get a self sustaining level at some point.

    We're getting a better infusion of talent these days and eventually that will lead to greater talent than the sum of the parts.
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    im so freakin glad youre not our GM
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    I agree. Guy is amazing in the slot makes DBS look down right silly
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    Good times back in the day...
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    I agree with your points about his being an amazing player but it's difficult to argue with his point. He isn't on the field enough. Doesn't matter how great you are if you can't contribute because you're in the training room.

    I'm not ready to depart with him but any future contract or roster spot has to take his snap count into consideration.
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    Thank you! The orange Victory in the background belongs to a friend. I'm just baby sitting it while he's in The Stan.

    My wife showed me a somewhat recent picture of it a few weeks ago... it literally looks like a ghost town saloon. Brush and weeks grown out everywhere, tumbleweeds, etc...
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    not what I said or meant. I said witten is a lock. escobar and hanna will Compete for the 2 spot.

  9. Smith22

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    no real competition at 2 critical areas on the team, OL and DL
    projects galore at safety

    recipe for disaster
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    Thought Armstrong was released?Was he re-signed?
  12. Titleist

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    Don't forget we have some good competition at the SAM. Obviously we'd expect Durant to start at SAM, but we have some decent backup in Albright, Holloman, and Wilbur (maybe more of a DE).
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    Yes, he was.
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    I wonder if Austin's hammy is felling a lot better these days.

    Dude knows the Cowboys aint playing no more, either he gets his arse on the field and starts playing up to his contract or he is gone in 2014.

    As for Hannah, if you draft a TE in the 2nd round and that TE cant beat Hannah out.............then you apparently have no idea what a draft is or how to use it.

    If we burned a 2nd rounder on a #3 FAIL.

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