Twitter: Congrats to Miles on his wedding

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 1, 2014.


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    That's the job of Mods.
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    Someone is already doing that. That's why we have forum moderators. :)

    Your interpretation is likely why you're upset. I didn't say I spoke for the majority of the people. I only represent myself. But there were three others who felt the same way, which is why we "liked" the post.

    Such as? Did someone say they wanted to "hit" (have sex) with them? Please link to those comments, and I will denounce them.

    You give a crap which is why you're continuing this discussion. :)
    You wanted to make a derogatory statement and leave unchallenged. But when challenged, instead of owning up to it and leaving it at that, you have to protect your wounded pride and, like many people of this generation who don't like to be told they're being inappropriate, you became defensive and now want to deflect about how others are on their "high horse" as if calling attention to boorish behavior is something to be ashamed of.

    And if you think this is being Mr. Tough Guy, you aint seen tough. :)

    Thank you for recognizing my "higher up moral superiority."
    I expect the same of you, hence my rebuke to you and my desire to "up" yours. :)
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    Calling people out usually results in multiple pages. :)
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    As a reminder, this thread as a topic, and it's a nice one. Please, let's stick to it and not allow the thread to be a referendum on somebody's right to act like a jerk on the internet without consequences.

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    I know this is a Miles wedding thread but thank you all for the congrats! It was a great day for us! :)
    My cowboys online family!!
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    Let's try this again.

    I suggest that you let the Moderators police this forum. Like you said, that's why they are here, well some of them anyway.

    I am not upset. You are the one that took issue with a comment that I made. This board is not outraged over it, it's just you that decided to make a mountain out of a molehill, nothing more. Wounded Pride? You don't actually believe any of the crap you are saying do you? The comment was a lighthearted joke that was posted on a football forum. It's really not that serious but you continue to want to engaged in a pointless dialogue that accomplishes nothing but make you look even more foolish.

    This board has harbored many many distasteful inferred sexual comments about almost every person associated with the Cowboys in recent years. Instead of getting all worked up about the paragraphs upon paragraphs of sexual insults to Tony Romo, pretty much every girlfriend he has had since he became the starting Quarterback, Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, Wade Phillips, Micheal Irvin, and the list goes on and on, you get all "mommy mode" on three little words I type as a lighthearted joke. You never took any of those comments to task, but now, all of the sudden, you want to act like a great atrocity has been committed. Why don't you just save me the time in going through the archives, if that's possible, to dig up all of those insults and just denounce it on your own time.

    Lord knows, I really don't want to see the real Mr. Tough guy. Give me a break dude!

    We can go back and forth all day long, everyday. It would be the most constructive for both of us to let me use what little free time I have to get ready for the draft and you can get back to your day-time soap-opras.

    Thanks for the pointless, but spirited dialogue.

    Have a good day.
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    I wasn't playing moderator. I simply "liked" a post you found offensive.
    Then you said "Who cares what you think" to the poster who offered it.
    I responded, "We cared what he thought because we liked his post."
    I guess you didn't like the fact that I and others "liked" his post so here we are.

    If I'm making this a mountain out of a molehill, why are you still responding? Is it because my mountain is bigger than yours. ;) :)

    First, how do you know what I took exception too?

    Second, a sign of an enabler is that he/she always focuses on OTHER bad behavior to excuse his/her own. So what if others made such comments, and we weren't present to notice them? We were present in THIS thread, and someone called you out on it.
    Your argument doesn't even make practical sense.

    You raised the Mr. Tough guy comment not I.


    So my comments keep you away from what you would otherwise do. Don't blame your lack of self-control and lack of discipline on me.

    Oh, and you should get back to a dictionary and find out how to spell. Soap-opras? LOL!

    So you engage in pointless dialogue? Is that a confession? :)
    I don't. I use these discussions to sharpen my communications skills to accurately understand, assess and articulate my position. And to offer correction also. So it's not pointless to me.

    Like wise, Mel Kiper. :D
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    Hellooo!!!! Moderator here! @CrownCowboy and @tyke1doe Like my post to agree to move on... o_O
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    You know I can't help myself. :)
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    I'm not trying to suck up to you when I say this, but the occasion warrants the compliment so ...

    I really, really appreciate you as a moderator. You've always been one of my favorites (actually, my favorite since I don't really pay attention to who the moderators are. Sorry), and that's because you're sensible, level-headed and thoughtful, even when we've been in disagreement (and we have) and when you've had to bring me in check.

    They made a great choice when they asked you to moderate this motley crew. :)
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    I do hope Miles doesn't pull a hammy walking down the aisle, or later, when he scrapes zippers with Mrs. Hamstrings.

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