Congratulations to the following members who correctly called the #18 pick!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. TruBlueCowboy

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    Congratulations to the following members.

    These members called Bobby Carpenter as the #18 selection last week:

    30yrheel, 31smackdown, abersonc, aikemirv, air0208, AmishCowboy, austintodallas, bigdrulez3141, br4822, braw, Bryan8284, Catch-22, Chevyman08, ConcordCowboy, CosmicCowboy, cowboys3128, cross, dannyboy, david smith, Dayton_Cowboy, dhaber, DJ PACE, dmq, doanet, Doomsday, Draegerman, DragonCowboy, Flinger, fredrick1111, garyv, gjdeftmv, grgnfg420, Grizz, H4power, Hostile, jacobj1, jaybird, jeff, JIMMYBUFFETT, jimnabby, Julius Jones, Kobal, lanecity1975, LittleD, Mash, Maxmadden, meb821, meyrandy, MissionCoach, MiStar, Mongo, Moose48, MS17, Nomad, ParcellsGuy, Phrozen Phil, Pinto, poke, postal, Pottsville Maroons, qowboys, Rack, rgcowboys, sackattack, Shoop, Sitting Bull, Skafko, Tass, thescarface1989, TheSport78, tiller77, Tristan, TwoDeep3, Vertigo_17, Vinnie2u, Vintage, wileedog, woods74, YearAfterYear, yrades

    These members called Bobby Carpenter as the #18 selection even longer ago, about three weeks ago:

    aardvark, Anguillidae, ArkCowboy, austintodallas, Avenging Hayseed, bartman, beebs, big dog cowboy, BIGDen, bigdrulez3141, birminghambuckeyes, Bkae99, BlueStar II, bobbie brewskie, BrAinPaiNt, cannonball44, cgp, Chrissyboy, cleverusername, cobra, ConcordCowboy, Cowboyfan81, cowboys3128, CowboysNumeroUno, craigsperry, crg5698, curboys, dannyboy, Dayton_Cowboy, dhaber, Doomsday, DragonCowboy, DWHITE11, Everlastingxxx, fredrick1111, Gill, gjdeftmv, grgnfg420, Grizz, hendog, Howboutdemcowboys31, HummerMan, jazzcat22, Jerruh, JIMMYBUFFETT, jmac, joshjwp, jterrell, junk, jwhardin, lanecity1975, laxative juice, LeeC53, legolas, LPW, lspain1, Mavs_Own, Maxmadden, MichaelWinicki, MiStar, Moose48, morris1110, Nuskool, ombarr, ParcellsGuy, peplaw06, philo beddoe, Phrozen Phil, postal, RW Hitman, rwatkins76, scotth66, sirduke63, Sitting Bull, spindoc, Swanny, Tass, Teague31, thats7, TheEnigma, tiller77, Tristan, TwoDeep3, UppityCracker2, WayneTheGr8, YearAfterYear, ZiggyZ.

    And then, these members called Bobby Carpenter in both #18 poll predictions. Congratulations for sticking to your man through thick and thin.

    austintodallas, ConcordCowboy, cowboys3128, dannyboy, Dayton_Cowboy, dhaber, Doomsday, DragonCowboy, fredrick1111, gjdeftmv, Grizz, JIMMYBUFFETT, lanecity1975, Maxmadden, MiStar, Moose48, ParcellsGuy, Phrozen Phil, postal, Sitting Bull, Tass, tiller77, Tristan, TwoDeep3, YearAfterYear

    Mel Kiper salutes you! :D

    P.S. You all guessed better than Goose!
  2. Westcoasthabsfan

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    I dont believe in making predictions.... but congrats to all who picked Carpenter
  3. TheHustler

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    Wow, lot of people got it right. What % of people picked Carp?
  4. TruBlueCowboy

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    32.65% for Carpenter in the most recent poll. (24.08% for Manny Lawson & 10.61% for Kamerion Wimbley)

    25.14% for Carpenter in the older poll. (36.13% for Manny Lawson & 7.80% for Winston Justice)
  5. TwoDeep3

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    You have to count Rack as one of the first to get on this guy.

    He woke me up to the greatness known as Bobby Carpenter.

    Take a bow, Rack!
  6. Vinnie2u

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    Ko Simpson next and i'll be 2fer2.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    Actually I never thought it was a difficult guess. I was very sure we wouldn't have another "DE to OLB" project this year because we didn't need a pure pass-rusher at the position.
  8. Cowboy Lover

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    I Was only HOPING we pick him.:rolleyes:

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