Connecticut player Anthony Sherman, who could be the first (and only?) fullback selec

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Sherman, who spent the last four years becoming one of the best fullbacks in the nation at the University of Connecticut, is likely to be some team's selection Saturday, the final day of the NFL Draft, which includes the fourth through seventh rounds. He is not just one of the highest-rated players at his position, he brings with him a professional approach to his responsibilities and is a classic "character guy," a well-rounded and well-grounded individual that would be a good influence in any locker room. "That's something that's a huge thing with the NFL right now, especially with this commissioner and the way he's cracking down on misbehavior by guys that do the wrong things," Sherman said. "I think I got that back in Pop Warner and in high school, from my mom and dad and my uncles ... everything to do with my family.
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    Not many true FB out there, I think Sherman is a very talented kid and anyone looking for a true FB is going to be pleased getting him in the draft.
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    Are we going to draft another Connecticut FB? :laugh2:
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    I'd love it if we got this Connecticut FB. Good blocker, excellent out of the backfield and can run a little bit. Better for what Garrett wants out of a FB than Hynoski or Marecic IMO.
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    The kid is a pretty good FB.

    But I find myself thinking that if we were going to take a kid from Uconn that runs the about that RB from Uconn if he is available in the late 3rd round or later.

    That kid is a hell of a RB on a team that had terrible QB play and WR play.

    Teams knew Uconn was going to run the ball and he still made plays.

    But I guess that also falls back to this FB doing a good job in helping open up holes for the RB.
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    I'd love to get them both. I think Todman will be a major steal for someone
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    If I ever get around to it, Sherman will be one of the picks for the Cowboys in my mock draft. I think he can be another Tom Rathman.

    And I'll take that over using a 2nd round pick on Martellus Bennett anyday.

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