Connor Cook QB Michigan State Spartans

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Connor Cook | Quarterback
    Team: Michigan State Spartans
    Ht / Wt: 6'4' / 200

    Michigan State junior QB Connor Cook is "very capable" of breaking the Spartans' stretch of not having a top-40 drafted quarterback, according to CBS Sports' Dane Brugler.
    MSU hasn't had a QB drafted in the top 40 during the Super Bowl era. "He is a good-sized athlete for the position with enough mobility to handle the high volume of rollouts and bootlegs in the Spartan's pro-style attack," Brugler wrote. "Cook has a quick set up and delivery with an easy release and top-shelf arm strength to make all the throws, displaying an arsenal of frozen ropes. He has functional downfield touch and controls his velocity well with fast eyes to see the field well on the move." Rotoworld projects the 6-foot-4, 220-pounder as a first-rounder in next spring's draft, though Cook needs to continue developing to make good on that projection. "Cook tends to ignore his footwork and lower half mechanics and with 58.7-percent completions, he has room to improve his ball placement, especially downfield," Brugler wrote. "He is too willing to throw off balance before his body and feet are set." Jul 29 - 9:38 PM
    Source: CBS Sports
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    I like him but he benefits greatly from having a very good defense and one of the best defensive coordinators in all of football.
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    I like Connor Cook. Smart, cerebral QB who doesn't wow you with any one thing but gets the job done. Good at reading defenses and taking what the D gives him. He needs to improve this season though on his overall game. He also benefits from a having a good O-Line as well, but what QB doesn't. Wouldn't mind if we drafted him at all, but it all depends on how much he improves this season.

    Something tells me we're going to draft Bryce Petty though.
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    Cook impressive in defeat

    Yes, Connor Cook came up short against Oregon on Saturday in a 46-27 loss, but I think people will come away from this game impressed with how he played.

    He reminds me of Arizona Cardinals quarterback and former USC star Carson Palmer in the way he throws the ball. Cook is a big, strong, effortless thrower with a live arm. I thought he made some big-time throws and showed pretty good footwork to climb up in pocket against the Ducks. He did have a couple errant throws under pressure, although the second interception he threw really wasn't his fault. He can improve on that and eliminate some of the forced throws.

    Cook has a really intriguing skill set when you combine his size, arm strength and mobility.
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    Cook can drive the hell out of the ball thats for sure. When I watched him last season, he made too many knuckle head decisions throwing the ball. I look forward to seeing if he's improved his decision making because he has a lot of talent.

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