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    Nice catch on the "ninja." I hardly even remember choosing that name. I just threw some name out there. Are we able to change our names here?
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    Contributory Negligence, iceberg. lol You are part of the problem to begin with for buying a fridge that you cannot get inside your pad without tearing the hell out of your door. And that was years ago, and now you want to criticize the contractor? So, was the fridge damaged also? Or was it still in a big box when you tried to fit in into the doorway? lol

    You should have taken the door off the fridge, get it into your house, put the door back on the fridge and you would be golden. lol

    But at least when you called your contractor you did not get this...

    ring, ring, ring

    Contractor: Hello, this is Contractors Gone bad. Press One, if you know person you need to speak to, or Press Two if you don't know who to talk to, or Press Three if you really want to talk to someone, or Press Four to speak to a Representative, or Presione cinco si desea hablar en espaƱol, or press Six if you want hang up, or press Seven to stay on the line, or press Eight if you dialed the wrong number. Press Zero if you want me to repeat this message. If none of these are the options you are calling about, stay on the line and a Service Representative will be with you shortly. Your wait time will be....approximately...14 minutes.

    My ordeal with trying to contact DirectTv.

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    Your answers are all there!

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    Holy crap. What's the fridge look like?

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