Cortez in a rhythm?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rathalarge, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. rathalarge

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    He looked solid on his 4 field goal attempts against Philly, and if he can do the same over the next two games, then Parcells (who said he's getting more comfortable with him) may have found his 80% field goal kicker.
  2. Qwickdraw

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    as of now, he's 89%.
  3. SteveOS

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    I'm shocked he is doing so well. Hopefully he can keep it up.
  4. YearAfterYear

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    He seems to strike the ball pretty hard and consistantly

    Also is a willing tackler on special teams-he saved our *** a couple times
  5. Doomsday101

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    As long as he is making the kicks he has a place on this team.
  6. silverbear

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    While I'm not as down on Cortez as I was earlier in the season, and while 8 out of 9 is eminently acceptable, let's not get carried away here...

    His long this year is 45 yards... 6 of them were from inside 40... IOW, he's basically just making the kicks he's SUPPOSED to make... but there's a flip side to that one too, he hasn't TRIED anything longer than that, so we can't quite criticize him for being ineffective from long range, can we??

    I'm still not sold on the guy, but I'm not displeased with how he's played to date... I kinda like his kickoffs, too...
  7. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    Granted he is making the ones he should but I also think that helps to build his confidence. I'm sure he will be tested as the season goes on.
  8. superpunk

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    He's definitely got a leg....I really like the fact that he can get us a touchback or two on special teams here or there. Rarely saw that from Cundiff. I think you guys are right, and hitting all these mid-range shots will really help his confidence.
  9. Canadian BoyzFan

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    He's fine........solid and unspectular.
  10. Ashwynn

    Ashwynn Well-Known Member

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    Well, I am glad to see Cortez getting love after his performances so far. I have never had a problem with whoever is kicking our FG's. Everyones gunna miss some. Not every team can have a pro-bowl kicker, and few would willing use a 1st or 2nd round on that position. When you are relying on UDFA or low 7th rounders, you cant expect a probowler.

    With a potent offense, the need for kickers is lessened. If we are relying on our kicker to win most of our games for us, we are already palying from behind the 8 ball. A good offense will make a mediocre kicker a good one and a good one a great one.

    I like Cortez and think hes more then adequate for the job hes asked to do. He has power in that little leg of his and anyone that would stand toe to toe with LA when your smaller by a bunch and out wieghed by half a ton has moxy. I think that will go along way for Cortez. And remember his only miss was due to a bad hold. He shows fire and passion. He has done nothing to warrent the 'Cortez must go' I have seen here and other boards.

    I think some pple are just not happy unless they are complaining. Good to see this issue is settling down a bit and the Cowboy Nation is rallying round its kicker. I guess its true, winning cures a lot of what ails you.
  11. dallasblue05

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    I guess I see it as a good thing that he isnt having to try 50+ yarders. That means we are getting good enough field position on offense to get at least 3 points. I say if we need a long one we should try McBriar, lol, like Atl did this past week. j/k But I'm ok with Cortez. If he makes field goals, whether they are 15 yrds or 45 yrds, he is doing his job by making them!!
  12. Kilyin

    Kilyin Well-Known Member

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    Must be a canadian word...
  13. TruBlueCowboy

    TruBlueCowboy New Member

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    Same here. I'd like to see him kick a few when it really matters. At least we knew that Cundiff wasn't a choker even if he didn't have the most powerful leg. Too early to declare Cortez a success, but he's done better than we hoped for so far.
  14. Canadian BoyzFan

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  15. NorTex

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    It's too bad that the one kick he missed cost us a win, but I like the way he can kickoff.
  16. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    Cortez went 4 for 4 last week because he stopped praying after each FG.
  17. PaEagleHater

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    Not sold on in either, but what has Cundiff done that was better? NOTHING
  18. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    Bring back Boniol !!!
  19. StateCollegeCowboy

    StateCollegeCowboy aka BostonCowboy

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    One thing I noticed about his kickoffs during warmups before last week's game is that he is a 50% hitter when it comes to getting the ball into the endzone. I mean he did 12 straight kicks into the endzone and the length of his kicks were really random.

    He would hit one 3 yards deep into the endzone and on the next kick only get it to the 10 yard line, then one to the 2 yard line, then back into the endzone and finally back to the 10-12 yard line.

    That is a pretty consistent 10-15 yard swing on his kickoffs.
  20. The Fonz

    The Fonz Correctamundo

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    you should thank Larry Allen for that :laugh2:

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